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Season 2, Ep. 2

Welcome to The Romesh Ranganathan Episode!

Jess and her merry(ish) men are back with another dose of singing silliness and joining them for this week's romp through an array of impressions and musical-might is none-other than comedian and sometimes Whitney Houston aficionado, Romesh Ranganathan!

Most fans of Romesh will be aware that he has a keen interest in rap and has a previous career in the genre - but how well does that translate to being Sonia off EastEnders?

Why does Romesh need to listen to Whitney Houston in the car?

And how why does Jess' LuLu leave him utterly speechless? All of these questions - and more - are answered in this very podcast!

Once you've listened and told your friends, then check out Romesh's new book 'As Good As It Gets' .... full info can be found here:

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All writing, original songs, improvisations and musical arrangements by Jess Robinson, Michael Roulston, Rob Lamont and Jonathan Kitching

Presented by star of Spitting Image, Jess Robinson - Insta Twitter

With Jessington World Of Adventures:

Michael Roulston: Keys & Vocals -  Twitter

Rob Lamont: Bass, Guitars & Vocals -   Insta

Jonathan Kitching: Drums & Vocals -


This podcast was mixed and edited by our incredible sound man Jo walker.

Thanks to Robin Morgan for script editing xxx

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