Stars In Your Ears



Season 2, Ep. 5

The gang's all here as the curtain goes-up on another musical, impression filled-extravaganza of an episode!

This week, Jess and her trusty band find themselves going off-piste - in more ways than one- when they literally run-into comedian Al Murray's house - which turned-out to be a stroke of luck, as Al was in just the right mood to chat about his comedy career and early interest in impressions!

In today's episode, we learn that as a child, Al had more than a passing interest in mimicry and displays the BEST Dalek impression you'll hear this side of Doctor Who.

We also learn that his character of The Pub Landlord came about purely by accident, aided and abetted by none-other than Harry Hill.

And we find out that Jess' mum has a story or two of her own about Al.... goodness me!

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