Scarred For Life


Episode 137: Podcaster Chandler Bullock and Alice in Wonderland (1951)

This week, Chandler Bullock stops by to chat about their podcast The Beauty of Horror, his recently released website Spread the Beauty and how Alice in Wonderland traumatized them growing up. We chat their horror history and how being a scared kid fed into their love of the genre and so much more. Then we turn our attention to Alice in Wonderland and find it...very disturbing in a lot of ways. Chandler talks their history with it, Mary Beth has some Scarred for Life memories happening in real time and Terry...well, he talks about his history professor's nipples. Like Wonderland, it's a weird trip.

As a note of warning, we do talk about pedophilia and grooming so trigger warnings abound. Here are some time stamps if you want to skip the sections:

Time stamps:

40 mins 31 seconds start

1 hour 01 minutes end

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