Scarred For Life


Episode 133: Podcaster/Writer Prince Jackson and Candyman (1992)

This week, we finally sit down with Prince Jackson, the co-host of the Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast and an aspiring screenwriter. We talk about his life growing up with an older sibling who'd torture him with movies, his revenge on his brother, his time learning to be a mortician, the last film that truly scared him and his creative endeavors. And then we say his name five times and summon Candyman (1992)! We talk about its problematic history, the real life events it was partially based on, why it terrified Prince (And Terry's friend Amy), the impeccable score and so much more as we dissect the film and sing praises for Nia DaCosta's sequel.

During the episode, we mention the real life event that somewhat inspired the film and you can read the indepth report of "They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror" here.

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