Scarred For Life


Episode 115: Sharai Bohannon and Stir of Echoes (1999)

This week, Mary Beth and Terry sit down with writer, podcaster and playwright Sharai Bohannon. She's a staff writer at Dread Central and the co-host of the A Nightmare on Fierce Street podcast. We talk about her horror history, watching horror movies for feminism, her roster of imaginary friends and then dig into how she got into scriptwriting, podcasting and writing about horror.

Then she tells us why Stir of Echoes is her Scarred for Life choice. We compare ghosts to cats, take Maggie to task for worrying about her marriage when there's a ghost, spooky kids, a weird connection to The Sixth Sense, Kevin Bacon's sledgehammering and a whole lot more.

Be prepared for chaos and laughs, y'all.

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