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Monday PrayerCast 9th May 2022

Season 2

Monday News and Prayer Update.

It’s Monday morning, 9th May 2022, and this week we’ve got a kind of a special edition, it's FOOD!

There’s two major food issues, present day logistics - in other words transportation costs and the availability of transport, that causing price-rises, - and future global and local food policies. So, let’s let’s take some time this morning to think about food, glorious food...

  • The Government's Farm Retirement Scheme.
  • Planned reduction in livestock herds in NI to meet Climate Targets.
  • Worldwide food production and logistics problems.

Is there a coming famine, and if so, who should be planning for it? Is there a biblical precedent?

As this podcast is being recorded, votes are being counted in the local NI elections. More on that next week, DV.

Check out all these stories for yourself, on THIS LINK.

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