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Monday PrayerCast 30th May 2022

Season 2
Monday PrayerCast 30th May 2022

Our weekly 'News Awareness' episode, where we encourage Christians to wake up to what's happening around them, and so pray intelligently for the world. This week the programme covers,

Birdsong! (Yes, BIRDSONG!) - follow the link below if you can help identify some of our avian friends.

Abortion teaching in NI's Schools

Children killing children - the Texas school massacre

WEF, Klaus Schwab and his misanthropic buddies meet in Davos, and guess what? They are finding out about an app being developed by the Chinese that will trace your individual 'carbon footprint, where you go, what you do, what you eat and what you buy!' How exciting is that!

To follow-up on all these stories, visit THIS LINK

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