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Don’t Worry, History is Not Out of Control!

Season 2

Don’t Worry, History is Not Out of Control.

Revelation chapter four and five is a glimpse into heaven, right into the very throne-room of God. It’s not sometime away out in the future, it is something that is happening in this age, right now, in glory. We’re going to look at chapter 5, in three lessons, and as we progress, we will learn something about the relationship between our praise, here on earth, and the praise of the heavenly hosts, around the throne of God.

In this sermon, recorded live at Ballymacashon Church on Lord's Day 19th June 2022, we see:-

  • A Scroll, in the right hand of God - a scroll which no man can open - it's the plan of God - our history and destiny, - and what awful consequences if it cannot ever be unveiled...
  • A Lion, the Lion of Judah, the mighty conqueror, who is the only One able to open the scroll. But HOW will be open it?
  • A Lamb, the Lamb of Calvary, slain, who fulfils God's eternal plan of redemption in His death for sinners at the cross. This Lamb who died is STANDING, - He LIVES, and he SEES right into our souls, our hearts - he knows us perfectly.

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