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Catechism Class. LD20A Q53 - The PERSON of the Holy Spirit

Season 2

Catechism Class. Lord’s Day 20A Q53 - The PERSON of the Holy Spirit

Q.53, What do you believe concerning the Holy Spirit? A. First, he is, together with the Father and the Son, true and eternal God. Second, he is also given to me, to make me by true faith share in Christ and all his benefits, to comfort me, and to remain with me forever.

The catechist asks us what we believe about the Holy Spirit, and he divides his answer into two parts, the PERSON of the Holy Spirit, and the WORK of the Holy Spirit. We shall follow that example, and we shall look in this episode of the podcast, at who the Holy Spirit is, and then in our next class, we’ll see what the Holy Spirit does.

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Psalm 139, 'Ayrshire' with grateful thanks to

3 My going out and lying down

are plain before your view.

4 Before I speak a word, O LORD,

it is well known to you.

5 You hem me in—behind, before;

you lay on me your hand.

6 Such knowledge is too wonderful,

too high to understand.

7 Where can I from your Spirit flee

or from your presence go?

8 If to the heavens, you are there,

or in the depths below.

9 If I should take the wings of dawn

and dwell beyond the sea,

10 There also you would be my guide,

your right hand holding me.

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