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What’s Beneath the Surface? Population Alarmism and Cultural/Moral Changes

Season 2

What’s Beneath the Surface?

Malthusianism, Population Alarmism and Cultural/Moral Changes

Welcome to this special episode of the podcast. It was recorded live at Templepatrick Reformed Church on Friday 18th March 2022, so there may be a few ‘umms’ and ‘ahhhhs’ throughout it! 

For a while I’ve been intrigued and alarmed by the pace of change in our world.  I’m sure others too, are finding it hard to keep up with some of the strange things that are happening - things that were never heard of, just a decade or so ago. I’ve been wondering where there might be a dominant philosophy driving the agendas for change, and after some simple research I came across something called Malthusianism - We might call it Population Alarmism. It’s that philosophy that I’m introducing in this address, and looking also at the biblical response. Sit back, make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee, wear comfy slippers - this talk lasts around an hour!

I’ve called it, “What’s Beneath the Surface” and I think YOU might just find it interesting!


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