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Episode 1: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Your work isn’t boring – and your workplace doesn’t need to feel like 1984. In this episode we explore a fascinating new approach to employment that places your individuality at the centre; a world where you can bring yourself (warts and all) to work every day. Host Paul Miller attempts to bring his whole self (which includes his old typewriter) to an inspiring conversation with Jessica Hunt, Digital Learning Lead at Adobe, and Ephraim Julius Freed, Internal Communications Manager at Riot Games.

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Episode 86: Diving into DWG’s latest organizational readiness thinking

The saying ‘Change is the only constant’ took on a new resonance during the global pandemic as disruptive change happened with velocity, transforming organizations and their working structures overnight.COVID-19 has frequently been described as the greatest accelerator for digital transformation, forging alternative ways of working and giving new meaning to how, when and where ‘work’ is done – whether or not organizations and their people were ready for such levels of change. ‘Organizational readiness’ not only explains and provides a framework for how quickly we are able to respond to disruptive change, but also how we move forward to reorganize and regenerate in orderto ultimately build back stronger.In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Nancy Goebel is joined by Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge for DWG, who shares insights into how organizational readiness frameworks have evolved over time, as she takes a fresh look at DWG research on this topic from 2016. She considers what has changed in this space during the global pandemic as well as what we have learned over the course of the year.Diving into three key areas of ‘readiness’ for digital working – organizational systems, team cultivation and individual capability – this enlightening conversation shares new thinking and practical recommendations for digital workplace teams to enable their organizations to be ready for change today and in the future.Guest speaker: Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, Digital Workplace GroupShow notes, links and resources for this episode:Free report excerpt:Organizational readiness: What digital workplace teams need to knowWorkgrid resource: Evolution of the digital workplace: Are digital experience layers the next frontier?

Episode 85: What it takes to be a game changer in the digital workplace

We’ve all been asked at some point what our dream job is, and it comes as no surprise that ‘digital workplace leader’ doesn’t typically hit the number one spot. With no set background or neatly crafted career route, digital workplace leaders tend to forge their own paths into this essential role within organizations today.In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Graham Kennedy, Head of Digital Workplace at Fidelity Investments, shares insights into his own career path from starting out as a customer service associate to becoming a digital workplace leader. Graham is recognized as a ‘game changer’ in the industry and, in his first year as Head of Digital Workplace, he was named in two category wins in DWG’s 2020 Awards: Digital Workplace Leader of the Year (Game Changer), Digital Workplace of the Year (Fidelity Investments for Strategic Vision).Graham dives into what it takes to be a game-changing digital workplace leader, explores how to structure a successful team by fostering a culture of continual learning, and talks about his current focus for the digital workplace around re-entry back into the office to empower dynamic work inside the organization.The lines around the digital workplace are being redrawn and, with that, the role of digital workplace teams has shifted from plugging in new collaboration technology to a more empathic and holistic approach to the whole employee experience and creating a more connected story. This episode will leave you with practical guidance for navigating challenges within the digital workplace, tips on how to apply the best of what we’ve learned through the pandemic, and unique ways to prioritize the highest value work to deliver integrated, connected and engaging employee experiences through your digital workplace.Guest speaker: Graham Kennedy, Head of Digital Workplace, Fidelity InvestmentsShow notes, links and resources for this episode:Workgrid’s onboarding resources: "enhance your intranet": Workplace of the Year Awards: