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Telling Your Story with Sarah Archer

Ep. 134

My guest today is Sarah Archer. Sarah is a speaking and marketing coach, as well as a playwright and comedy performer. Her podcast ‘The Speaking Club’ helps people to increase their confidence around public speaking and she has written a couple of books on the subject too!

In this episode, we talk about authenticity, overcoming fear, how to measure your success and much more.

Sarah spoke about how she learnt to deal with putting yourself out there:

Detachment is something that I'm still learning about. I think the issue is around expectations. If you've got to manage your expectations and do it for the love of it, which is what I, you know, truly do it for the love of it. 

But you know, there's these sort of rags to riches stories about Edinburgh and it’s trying so hard not to take it personally when someone says something about your work, it's what we always do as human beings. We ignore all the positives and we just focus on those negatives. 

We need to sort of balance that out or just detach from it and it's not making it mean anything about us. It's still hard to detach you from the work you do and that's why people, certainly I've seen in the corporate world before, getting your identity mixed up with what you do. It is dangerous because we need to keep those two things separate as much as possible.

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