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Black Founders Hub with Denise Nurse

Ep. 130

My guest today is Denise Nurse. Denise is the co-founder of the Black Founders Hub, a network for black entrepreneurs that started here in the UK but is now increasingly global. She is also a lawyer and entrepreneur, having started and then sold a really unusual law firm. Denise has also worked as a TV presenter for Sky Travel and on BBC's Escape to the Country and Watchdog.

In this episode, we talk about race and how to encourage black entrepreneurs. The journey from starting and growing, to sell a business. And I think you're going to really learn a lot from Denise's outlook and energy. So let's get straight into it. 

Denise explains to us why is the Black Founders Hub: 

I am a black founder. My goal is to help support others in business and to find ways of creating success. So that's kind of why because instead of us all being on our own, if we come together as a collective, we know that peer networking works.

There's something called the old boys club. That was the thing for a reason. So I just want to create that for black founders. That safe space. That space to be yourself and that space to connect and to do business. The key thing with that, what we're doing, it's for business at a higher level.

And I ask Dennise “What is kindness in leadership and why it is important?”:

Firstly, kindness to oneself. I think great leaders who ever learned or who practice the art of being kind to themselves, have the ability to be kind to others. 

If you are running yourself to the ground, if you are not saying very nice things to yourself, if you're being your own worst enemy, it's hard actually to offer kindness to others truly because it will come from a not good place. So there's that basic skill of listening which I think is truly kind, truly.

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