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Getting Through Life's Sh!tty Moments with Grace Marshall

Ep. 109

Productivity Ninja, Grace Marshall is back on Beyond Busy to talk about life's sh!tty moments, overcoming trauma, and how difficult times inspired her new book "Struggle".

Graham welcomes Grace and asks her about where she got her inspiration for her newest book "Struggle".

'Sometimes, the fact that we're struggling with something doesn't mean that we're in the wrong place. Sometimes it means we're absolutely in the right place. And so, I felt like there was this thing around struggle that we weren't talking about in productivity, but generally, in the world as well. I just wanted to have a different conversation about struggle.'

Grace talks about different kinds of struggle and the shame we feel when we talk about it.

'Sometimes the most dignity you can give somebody is to allow them to speak into your world, to allow them to help you.'

Graham and Grace then cover the topic of crisis management when it comes to work. They talk about their experiences when the lockdowns were fairly new and the challenges their team at Think Productive faced.

'We expect to feel tired or stressed or whatever, in the moment. But actually, sometimes it's not until afterwards that it catches up with us. I think, yes, we can absolutely respond to crisis but if that's ongoing, and we don't have time where we can collapse then actually that's not sustainable. That's when we get to burnout.'

Grace also discusses the importance of rest and why high achieving people are scared of it.

'I think you there's the reason why it's terrifying to rest is because it catches up with you. And when you rest is when everything catches up with you. It's when you can actually start to kind of process what's been going on rather than just react to it. There's also a lot of trust involved in rest, because you're stepping away and you're releasing, I guess some people say, the illusion of control, but like you're releasing control.'

Grace then also tells us about the 'three sh!ts' mentioned in her book and why it's important to recognize things that make life beautiful in these 'sh!tty' moments.

'It’s recognizing that actually, if you know that there is treasure to be found, then when you’re waiting in sh!t, yes, it is still sh!tty, but it’s not just sh!t. There will be light in the middle of that.'

Grace's book 'Struggle' is available on Amazon.

You can listen to Grace's first guesting on Beyond Busy here.

Graham Allcott is the founder of time management training company Think Productive.

This podcast is produced by Rizelle Paredes and is hosted by Podiant.

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