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Reality Gays with Mattie and Poodle

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: 0409 “Love Boat"

Capt. Glenn dresses up for the guests' theme night, pleasing them at dinner. He hopes his participation helps correct a "jewelry theft" hiccup and is on top of his crew to make sure these women have the best trip of their lives. Unbeknownst to Mads, Gary struggles with how he's actually feeling about Colin and Daisy hooking up for the first time. Colin learns that Gary has broken "bro code" once again




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  • Show Schedule for the 4th Leg of the Tour

    The boys are almost packed with costumes and their middle age supplements for this mega leg of the tour y'all. Here's the show schedule for next week (s). Please be advised our regular podcast schedule will change for a bit.Thanks for your support and understanding!TOUR Dates for the Texas/Midwest/Southern US Leg5/29 Austin,TX- HEA Ep 11 Part 15/30 Dallas, TX- HEA Ep 11 Part 25/31 Houston,TX-Love in Paradise -Ep 66/2 Phoenix,AZ-Seeking Sister Wife-Finale6/5 Columbus, OH-HEA Ep 12 Part 16/6 Indianapolis,IN-HEA Ep 12 Part 26/7 Chicago, IL- Love in Paradise -Ep 76/12 Atlanta,GA - HEA Ep 13 Part 16/13 Charlotte, NC- HEA Ep 13 Part 2
  • 90 Day LOVE IN PARADISE 0405 "A Wake-Up Call"

    Tensions flare between Luke and Madelein when he brings up a prenup. Alex is concerned she may be forcing her relationship with Adriano because she feels behind in life. Shawn worries about their future as Alliya says goodbye to Douglas. Kyle and Ani get emotional and decide someone needs to compromise.See Y'all on our tour!! Click Here:
  • FULL EPISODE 90 Day: Happily Ever After? S0810 “The Couples Grim”

    Episode Title: S810 “The Couples Grim”Alex juggles demands as Loren recuperates. Jasmine makes amends. Mahmoud suspects Nicole's infidelity. Emily's family faces cultural tensions. Liz departs Arkansas. Angela and Michael's future hinges on his visa interview.TimestampsLoren/ Alexi: 15:03Miss Moud/ Nicole: 27:32MILF Manor Minute: 41:14Angela/ Michael 50:51Gino/ Jasmine: 59:54Emily/ Kobe 1:02:35Rob/ Sophie 1:08:52
  • The Family Chantel S0201 Classic Watchalongs: The Family Chantel 0201 "Like Sister, Like Brother"

    Chantel's older brother returns to Atlanta with his foreign bride. The family welcomes her with open arms, but their speedy marriage sparks Chantel's suspicion. She takes her sister-in-law out to learn more.*This is a FREE Episode for all y'all so you can try before you buy! We normally have these classic episodes on our Pu Pu Platter Tier ($5 Month) along with our monthly Bicurious episodes. Join us there yall! JOIN RealityGays+ Patreon  Supercast Apple SubscriptionsWe're on Tour Y'all!
  • (Roadshow) 90 Day LOVE IN PARADISE 0404 "A Rough Landing"

    Mattie takes over the wheel this time on this special roadshow of LIP! They recorded this last Friday while on their way to FT Lauderdale on their tour last week!---Kyle and Ani have an awkward first kiss. Luke reveals to Madelein that he's not moving to Colombia. Shawn is torn between his past with Douglas and his future with Alliya. Alex's cousin grills Adriano about religion and threesomes.---Come See us Live!
  • 4th Leg Live Tour Schedule + Poodle's Eurovision Corner

    Poodle's Eurovision Corner starts at around: 5:55Check out our complete list of shows here:
  • (FULL EPISODE) 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 0809 "The Lovely Duckling"

    Emily's mom jeopardizes her African wedding with Kobe. Rob and Sophie hash it out in therapy. Alexei is shocked by Loren's state. Ashley and Manuel place blame. Ed and Liz finally meet after he called off the wedding. Patrick upsets Thais on her birthday.Episode Title:  "The Lovely Duckling"Timestamps:Emily/ Kobe: 13:34Rob/ Sophie: 27:50ish ⚠️(Talks of domestic abuse) listeners discretion advised ‘Loren/ Alexi: 42:40 ⚠️(Talks of surgery etc) Ashley/Manuel: 46:24Patrick/ Thais : 59:56 Gino/ Jasmine: 1:03:00 ---Come See us Live!
  • 90 Day LOVE IN PARADISE: Live in Orlando

    PRODUCER'S NOTE: The audio quality wasn't the best, so we bear with us, Orlando Gary tried his best! Episode Title: “The Mile High Club”, Ep 3---Ani confronts Kyle and asks if he has donated sperm through sex while dating her. Shawn is unsure if he can reconcile who Alliya is now with the person he fell in love with. Luke confesses to Madelein that he lost his job. Alex arrives in Italy and tells Adriano it's her or threesomes.
  • 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 0808 Live in Tampa (Part 2)

    Episode Title: Ep 8 Part 2: “Three Blind Wives”Thais' dad makes his feelings known to Patrick. Nicole goes looking for Mahmoud. Manuel leaves without Ashley. Jasmine reveals surprising news to Gino. Sophie's mom stokes her distrust in Rob. Loren goes under the knife.