The 8pl8s Podcast

SCHIZOPHRENIC COMEDY. Hosted by two of the sickkest kunts out there, comedian DC (@8pl8s) and blessed mememan Haley (@intjmoments), the show was recently described in a lawsuit as "thinly veiled political extremism masquerading as comedy". Jabronis and their 20$ words smh... Listen to the 20 most recent episodes right here, and get unlimited access to the full 8pl8s catalog & weekly bonus episodes on !!! GET A GRIP!!!


Euphoric Gentleman Lifter manifesting the sleaaaaaaaze... (6'2", 8% bodyfat, gargantuan huevos) ... This is my show and I'm writing a bio about myself. #winning


INTJ mastermind. Bat leader of Vottamism. True link 2 reality.