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Episode 2: Paul Provolone for Mayor

Season 1, Ep. 2

Hey Shifters -- we're back with another episode.

Recorded on September 21, 2017, we discuss the NYC Mayoral Primaries. Since the Mayoral Debate just took place, we figure we share what was going through our minds during the first round of local area voting. All in all, this episode is all about the 6P's:

  • Primaries
  • Philadelphia cheesesteaks (are you #TeamGenos or #TeamPats?)
  • Pulled pork
  • Paul Provolone (Paul Vallone)
  • Pancakes
  • Politicans

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  • 42. Episode 42: Wakanda Forever @ The Academy

    Gooooood morning!Hey Shifters -- do you think Black Panther deserves the Best Picture nomination at this year's Academy Awards? The 8AM Shift does. We recently came across American Psycho author and pop culture critic Bret Easton Ellis' disapproval of the nod and felt compelled to discuss it.The Academy Awards was not fair for a long time...[1:40]The revelation that The Punisher has been cancelled...just days after our Punisher episode!...[2:40]Creed never got the recognition it deserves; nor did Rocky IV...[4:19]Coogler's comeback...[5:14]What makes Black Panther stand out against other comic book movies...[9:20]Bird Box should have also...let me stop...[10:19]Make Ludacris a cop and Matt Dillon a street thug...[19:20]If Bret Easton Ellis has a problem with Wakanda worldwide, maybe he's the problem...[25:15]
  • 41. Episode 41: The Punisher

    Goooooood morning!We're back and we're talking about yet another fantastic Netflix MCU series that will likely get the axe: The Punisher. We've made mention of our infatuation with the Marvel character in previous but with season 2 having been released last month, we figure now was the time to dedicate an episode about Marvel's most well-known t-shirt logo. Sidenote: We recorded this around the time of the polar vortex so apologies if our references are a little dated.Shout-out to Jamila Rowser who signed a copy of her book Wobbledy 3000!, dedicated to the 8AM Shift!...[3:40]Joe's take on the recent Boston Globe podcast series Gladiator, which explores the life of Aaron Hernandez...[5:18]The time Joe saw a Punisher t-shirt...and quickly changed his mind...[10:20]What did we find on Wikipedia about The Punisher?...[11:50]The Batman logo...[14:50]Why isn't The Punisher going to be on the big screen as part of the MCU? (Hint: It's why Ghost Rider isn't there)...[18:40]The thin line meanings...[23:35]Words of wisdom from The Punisher...[30:37]
  • 40. Episode 40: Netflix Hype Releases

    Gooooood morning!Joe and Jordan are back from a brief hiatus to discuss the slew of hyped up Netflix releases. This includes the interactive Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch, the Alfonso Cuarón feature, Roma, and the ultra meme-able Bird Box. Did they love each one? Did Jordan finish any of them? Find out in this jaw-dropping episode.What’s a high context content movie?…[6:05]Meme marketing and movies…[9:25]Why Joe didn’t watch Aquaman…[11:40] How was Bird Box constructed?…[13:00]Who thinks Bird Box is brilliant?…[14:10]Joe’s hang up about Bird Box…[23:30]Winter is coming…[29:30]THE SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME TRAILER OMG OMG…[36:13]
  • 39. Episode 39: Bring Daredevil Back To Netflix

    Gooooooood morning!Mike returns to the 8AM Shift to discuss the recent cancellation of Daredevil on Netflix, which is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series to get the axe. Mike and Jordan have both watched season 3 and can attest to the quality, which begs the question, why did they cancel a series that was getting better? The 8AM Shift gathers around a table in a cold room to examine this recent turn of events.VOTE FOGGY NELSON FOR MANHATTAN DA (yes it's a fake ad)…[00:04]Yeah, so they're cancelling MCU shows on Netflix :-(...[5:52]The Alan Sepinwall tweet-storm...[7:12]Nicholas Cage rage...[14:42]The biggest Marvel miss? The Inhumans...[16:25]Mike on Fuller House...[16:40]The Catholic sensibilities of Daredevil...[18:02]Mike and Jordan on the "Karen" episode...[22:08]The costumes...[26:49]America never stops...Captain America that is...[35:14]Acknowledging the incredible performances by POC actors and actresses in the Netflix MCU...[38:45]**Props to Jay Ali, Simone Missick, and moreJordan does a Harvey Keitel impression for no reason...[40:49]Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest
  • 38. Episode 38: Is Creed 2 Better Than Creed?

    Goooood morning!Is Creed 2 a superior film? While most would show preference for the first one, Jordan caught the feels while watching the sequel. What was it that had him in the zone? Was it the heartwarming elements of fatherhood? The will to come back from a massive loss? Hearing "Going The Distance" again? Listen as Joe and Jordan give their hot takes on the box-office hit that will have you doing pull-ups at the gym for two weeks straight.Jordan had the feels...he also didn't watch Creed 1 in theaters...[1:47]How we got Creed the franchise....[4:45]The point when Joe got "swept up"...[6:57]Is Creed 2 the most meta Rocky movie?...[7:25]Is Rocky Balboa better than Rocky V?...[13:24]The Rocky Cinematic Universe...[18:36]Special thanks to the patrons of UA Court Street Stadium!Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest
  • 37. Episode 37: The Breaking Bad Sequel [BONUS EPISODE]

    Goooooood morning!Hey Shifters — before we got sucked into Thanksgiving, we recorded an episode discussing the myriad of movies in the pipeline that are spin-offs of TV shows. This includes Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, Deadwood and possibly Peaky Blinders. Yet we had to ask: is this a good idea?WE ARE NOT IN DANGER…[00:47]The GQ article from 2013 that hinted at a sequel…[3:12]Joe’s Imogen Poots rabbit hole…[4:55]What would make Jordan be against a Breaking Bad movie? Hint: vomits in mouth…[11:25]The other sequel movies…[17:15]Will The Sopranos movie, The Many Saints of Newark, generate as many “woke” (vomiting in our mouths) clickbait headlines as we think?…[20:44]The proposed Peaky Blinders movie…[25:30]Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest
  • 36. Episode 36: Our Tribute to Stan Lee

    Gooooood morning!Hey Shifters,As many of you know, we are huge fans of the Marvel universe and often reference their properties on this podcast. The recent passing of Stan Lee really touched us and we felt it was only right if we eulogized him in an episode. #RIPStanLee, you kept us inspired and gave us some of the best memories ever, from childhood to adulthood.Our earliest memories of Stan Lee…[1:37]Joe recounts his special memory tied to a specific trading card — the 1990 Mr. Marvel Trading Card!…[3:02]Apparently Joe thought it was Jake “The Snake”…[3:19]The “Marvel method”…[7:46]Sidenote: Joe mentions Daredevil but he meant Deadpool. ;-) Apparently there’s a petition to have him make cameos in Marvel movies…[12:43]Does Christian Bale love his fans the way Stan Lee loved his fans?…[16:32]The Hollywood Reporter ad from the cast of The Avengers…[17:30]Stan Lee and the Civil Rights movement…[20:03]Our thoughts on the Disney streaming service…[26:00]Jordan’s grad school paper and the Stan Lee memoir…[27:05]What is the one thing that Jordan wanted to ask Stan Lee? (Hint: it involves the writer James Baldwin)…[27:50]Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest
  • 35. Episode 35: America's Obsession with Outlaws

    Goooooooood morning!Hey Shifters have you spent the last few weeks playing Red Dead Redemption 2? Did you watch the season finale of Mayans M.C. on FX? Are secretly yearning for the Deadwood movie to finally come out? Do you secretly wish for Westworld to become a real thing or at the very least an immersive VR experience that you would never have to leave? If the answer is yes to at least 1 of these questions, then you will probably like this episode. We're diving into the world of outlaws given the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and we are asking: what is it about outlaw mythology that seems to capture peoples attention?Before that we speak on the recent midterm elections and the fun we had at the voting booth! Make sure to listen and like the 8AM Shift. Jordan didn’t vote…(SIKE)…[00:40]Joe and Jordan went to vote in their old neighborhood schools…[3:05]Was that Paul Provolone?…[4:20]Follow the 8AM Shift Facebook page…[6:40]Outlaw kick-off..[7:00]RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ANYONE???…[9:00]Outlaw culture…[11:48]The 12 elements of outlaw folklore…[14:06]Names associated with American outlaw folklore…[16:38]Was Robin Hood really a good guy?….[26:11]Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest
  • 34. Episode 34: Strange Days (1995) Review [BONUS Episode]

    Gooooood morning!Question: If a movie starring Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, and Juliette Lewis, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, with a screenplay co-written by James Cameron, came out in 1995, should it not have been a box-office smash? What is this movie was also a sci-fi dystopia in which Angela Bassett is a kick-ass heroine trying to shed light on a cover-up by corrupt officials?That's exactly what Strange Days is and was a brick when it dropped that year. However, Jordan watched it recently and had an epiphany that perhaps it deserves a cult renaissance. With 90's nostalgia in full swing and the idea that society is living out a political dystopia, why not take a moment to experience this Strange Days, which was way ahead of its time.Jordan’s fashion choices circa 1998…[1:04]Dystopian movies usually have a checklist…[1:54]James Cameron: more famous for Avatar?…[5:00]Kathryn Bigelow is an incredible director…[5:20]Strange Days — sequel in spirit to Blade Runner?…[6:35] (make sure to check out this referenced article from Pajiba)The hardest part about watching Strange Days…[10:45]End credit banter…[13:12]Follow us @8AMShiftFacebookInstagram#OnlyTheStrongest