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7FF 305: Tax-Saving Strategies for House Flippers & Wholesalers (What to Do Before the End of the Year)

We’re coming up on the end of the year…

Less than 2 weeks left.

And that means you’ve got less than 2 weeks to work on your tax strategy for 2019.

As real estate investors, we face some unique tax considerations.

Taxes can be your biggest expense.

But there are a lot of ways to reduce and defer your taxes for the year.

And getting this right could be the difference between taking home a healthy profit versus ending the year without much to show for your work.

So let’s talk about tax strategy.

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m hanging out with my CPA Chris Picciurro as we walk through the 4 fundamental ways to approach your tax strategy and some of the specific things you can do to save on taxes this year and in the future.

This is going to get pretty technical, and we’re going to cover a lot…

Let’s dive in!

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[518] The Power of Being Vulnerable

Ep. 518
I just had an incredible conversation with Nick Lamagna—a real estate investor, podcaster, and good friend.We talked about things like…- The importance of live events and how to get the most out of them…- How to find your “tribe” and why it’s 100% necessary if you want to succeed in real estate…- The power of being authentic and vulnerable (even if it makes you “look bad”)...- How to break out of analysis paralysis (if you’re being too cautious)…- How to stop swinging at everything and find your focus (if you’re struggling with the opposite of analysis paralysis)…- Why reading 50+ books per year is a bad idea (and what you should do instead)...- Why you should trust your gut when partnering with people (and what happens if you don’t)...- Why it’s better to “learn less” and “do more…”This was one of those raw, honest conversations that touched on so many things it’s hard to summarize it. But it was so refreshing to dig into this stuff… and I know it will be valuable for you to hear it.Listen in now!Want to connect and build authentic relationships with a group of hardworking real estate investors who understand what you’re going through and believe in what you’re trying to accomplish?Come join us at the 7 Figure REIA next week.On Thursday, January 27th, we’re holding the grand opening of the 7 Figure Real Estate Investors Association happening at our new studio and event space near Nashville, TN.You’re invited!If you can’t make it in person, we’re going to be streaming it LIVE on Zoom as well.Learn more and sign up at 7FREIA.com.See you there!Connect, Network, and Build Your TribeCome join us on January 27th for the first-ever meeting of the new 7 Figure Real Estate Investors Association! It’s happening at our new studio + headquarters near Nashville, TN… but if you can’t make it in-person, we’re going to be streaming it LIVE on Zoom as well! Learn more and sign up at 7FREIA.com.About Nick LamagnaWant to connect with Nick Lamagna? You can find his podcast, social media links, and more resources for real estate investors at NickNickNick.com/links!