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[580] How to Win Deals Without Making Cash Offers

Ep. 580

Jeremiah Johnson is a master of creative financing.

In today’s episode of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast, you’ll learn how he closes deals WITHOUT making “cash offers…”

And he’s going to walk you through some of his recent deals and share the actual numbers.

(Including a $0-down grand-slam!)

Listen in now!

A few years ago, Jeremiah came to Flip Hacking LIVE

…and after the event he immediately went home, quit his job, and started investing in real estate full-time.

(I’m not saying everyone should do that, but Jeremiah knew what he wanted and he went for it!)

His growth since then has been awesome to watch.

Flip Hacking LIVE was the moment everything changed for him…

And I want you to experience the same transformation.

If you’re interested in hanging out with hundreds of people like Jeremiah and learning the tactics and strategies you need to succeed in a shifting real estate market, grab your ticket to Flip Hacking LIVE now before the price GOES UP…

Flip Hacking LIVE >>

See you there!

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[598] 5 Tools to Transform Your Marriage (With Stacey Martino)

Ep. 598
Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to build a successful business than a successful marriage.There’s a reason for that.If you want to succeed in business, there are specific tools and tactics you can use to help you do more deals, make more money, and grow.But how often do we invest in relationship tools?For me, the answer used to be never…Then I discovered Stacey and Paul Martino.And what I’ve learned from them has changed my life.(I’m still a work in progress, but my wife Lucy and I are in a MUCH better place now than we were a couple years ago, and SO MUCH of that comes down to what I learned from Stacey and Paul.)Today Stacey Martino is joining me on the podcast to share 5 tools you can use to transform your marriage.And these are ESPECIALLY important for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and anyone else who’s working hard to create a life of freedom for themselves and their family.Listen in now!Stacey and Paul are hosting a 3-day immersion event on December 8-10 where they’re going to go DEEP into more of the relationship strategies Stacey talks about in this episode.If any of this resonates with you……then I highly recommend setting aside the time to be part of this.Hit the link below to sign up!CLICK HERE to Get Your Ticket >>(Use coupon code RBR50 for a $1,000 discount.)This event is happening live and online.So you can attend from anywhere in the world…No hotels, flights, or babysitters required.And your partner doesn’t need to attend with you…With the methods Stacey and Paul teach, it only takes one person to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM a relationship.I’m living proof this stuff WORKS.Check it out…And I’ll catch you on the flip side!Links & ResourcesAre you ready to take your relationship to the next level... so you can excel in your marriage, life, and business without holding back or feeling "stuck?"Stacey and Paul Martino are hosting a 3-day "Relationship Breakthrough Retreat" for entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate investors, and anyone else who wants to build healthy, thriving relationships!Hit the link below to sign up!CLICK HERE: https://rbrtickets.com/7ff(Use coupon code RBR50 for a $1,000 discount!)