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[514] How to Level Up Your Mindset

Ep. 514

If there’s one podcast episode you should listen to over and over again this year, it’s this one I just recorded with the incredible Krista Mashore.

Tactics and strategies are great…

But you CAN’T succeed as a real estate investor without getting your mind right

Listen in now!

Krista is a rock star.

She’s in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide…

She’s sold 2,300 homes…

She’s a coach and a digital marketing genius.

But that’s not what makes this episode special…

Lately I’ve been realizing more and more that all the real estate investing books and courses and lessons and everything else I talk about here at 7 Figure Flipping are WORTHLESS if you don’t have the right mindset.

This is what entrepreneurship is REALLY about.

Take action, persevere, fail, get back up, and COMMIT to the process day after day…

…and you WILL succeed.

That doesn’t just mean “hustle until you’re dead,” though.

Krista and I also got into a great conversation about being present and finding balance in life and business.

This is one of my favorite podcast interviews ever…

Check it out!

Links and Resources

Want to learn more from Krista Mashore? Head over to KristaMashore.com! She also has an awesome 3-day virtual event that she holds EVERY MONTH which you can jump into at KristaMashore.com/bootcamppodcast!





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