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[502] Don’t Wait to Plan For Your Taxes This Year

Ep. 502

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I know you might be thinking about turkey and all that good stuff right now...

When November and Thanksgiving roll around, I think about tax strategy and planning.

And yesterday all of our masterminds came together for a call where we talked about taxes. 

So that’s what we’re discussing today! 

Listen in now!

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You’ll learn what’s working and what’s not.

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Enjoy your holiday!

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[516] What Happens Inside the 7 Figure Altitude Group

Ep. 516
“I’m rehabbing 34 houses right now, and I never feel like I have any cash.”This is one of the things that came up at the 7 Figure Altitude mastermind meeting yesterday. If you’re new to real estate investing, this might sound like a strange problem to have……but it’s the kind of issue you face when you’re doing this business at an extremely high level.Right now I’m hanging out with 150+ of the top real estate investors in the nation.This is our first Altitude event of the year……so I figured I would share a few takeaways and give you a sneak peek at what’s happening behind closed doors!Listen in now!We’re recording this event…Which means, if you want to get into the Altitude group and you’re bummed that you’re missing the event, you can still catch it later.Hit the link below to apply to join and let’s get you in!CLICK HERE to Apply to Join 7 Figure Altitude >>Catch you on the flip side!Links and ResourcesWant to continue your house flipping / wholesaling journey? Here are a few more resources to check out...Subscribe:Join the 7 Figure Flipping email list to get the latest house flipping and wholesaling secrets, plus insider access to real estate investing tips, training, and more! Click Here:https://7figureflipping.com/subscribe7 Figure Flipping Podcast:Subscribe and get more episodes like this one delivered to you every week! Click Here:https://7figureflipping.com/listenFacebook Group:We've built a community of serious investors who are learning and growing their businesses together. Join the Group on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/fliphacking/