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Chernobyl FC: The lost football team

Ep. 11

On Saturday, 26th April, 1986, Stroitel Pripyat prepared to take on FC Borodyanka in a cup semi-final in northern Ukraine; the first game in their new stadium.

The game did not go ahead.

The stadium would never be used.

Adapted from an article in the latest issue of FourFourTwo magazine, in this podcast Grant Fulton tells the story of the footballers who had the flee the fallout of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, those who bravely helped in the aftermath – and the football club that disappeared with a city.

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Written by Paul Brown

Script editor, producer and narrator - Grant Fulton

Sound design, editing and production - Pete Mauder of Phonotheque

Other voices were provided by Lyle Fulton, Ruslan Hay and Pete Mauder 

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The executive producer is James Brown, and FourFourTwo podcasts are overseen by Steve Morgan and Conor Pope

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