7DX7 - Beyond the Plank

  • 10. Meet The Misses - Misunderstanding, Misconception, Miscommunication

    Why are there over 41,000 different denominations when we all read the same book? Why is there so much misinterpretation, misconception, and misunderstanding of what the Bible says?
  • 9. Kids Will Be Kids

    Jesus said that unless we become as little children we could not enter into heaven. Really? We're to become as little children? What did He really mean when He said that?
  • 8. You Expect Me To Do That?

    In the last episode we discussed how some of what the Bible says can be difficult to understand. In this episode we discuss some of the hard truths, that can be difficult to say to others. Let's face it, sometimes the truth hurts. How will you act when confronted with the choice to tell someone a hurtful truth, or let them continue on with the wrong information?
  • 7. I Can't Understand You

    Sometimes the Bible says some things that we just don't understand. The Bible was written thousands of years ago and, for many of us, in a different culture. Without a cultural reference some things just don't make sense, and we can't understand them.
  • 6. Excuses Excuses

    Everyone makes excuses. Yes, even Christians. Some excuses are funny, some are just lame, but for some things in life, there are no excuses. In this episode we discuss some of the excuses for why some people don't want to serve God. 
  • 5. What Did You Say?

    Sometimes what we say can be helpful, and sometimes it can be hurtful. Sometimes what we say isn't what we meant. It can leave others confused, and leave you feeling misunderstood.
  • 4. Welcome to the Freak Show

    Man, that's weird! In this episode we discuss some of the weird things that Christians do in church. Why do we do them, do we all do them, and are they really so weird?
  • 3. Why, oh why, do we sin?

    What is sin? Why do we do it, and what do we do about it? Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. It's what you do after those mistakes, and how you guard yourself from future mistakes, that sets you apart from the world.
  • 2. Christian. Why you DO want to be one

    In this episode we review our previous discussion on how we understand why you would not want to be a Christian, and then discuss the antithesis of why you DO want to be a Christian. After discussing the WHY, we then discuss the HOW. What does it really mean, and how do you do it.