7 Skills for the Future


Opportunity, Basketball and Optimism

Season 9, Ep. 7

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Tahir Hajat. Tahir has had a wide, varied and fascinating career from working in factories and working with young offenders to hosting global sports events. Tahir shares his skills, community experiences and explains how that can lead to life changing opportunities. His passion for supporting young people outweighs everything else. Tahir is fundamentally a kind, giving, resilient individual who works incredibly hard on a daily basis to provide young people with a new start - all whilst juggling his incredible career and family life. To Tahir, everything is an opportunity to grow, learn and reflect. Tahir displays so many of the 7 Skills without realising but particularly his resilience and optimism stand out.

PIVOT: From not being the best student (his words!) to creating a multifaceted career and inspiring others.

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Keep up with Tahir Hajat's journey on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tahirhajat/, his website here: http://www.tahirhajat.com/ and take a look at the work The Mighty Creatives do: https://themightycreatives.com

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