7 Skills for the Future


Action, Hotels and Adaptability

Season 9, Ep. 5

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Thomas Kochs. Thomas Kochs is the managing director of The Corinthia Hotel in London. Thomas openly reveals the challenges, highs and lows of navigating the pandemic leading one of the top hotels in England. Thomas is truthful, kind and charming, his way with words is unique. He explores the changes in priorities, passion and his willingness to have open conversations . Emma Sue was fortunate enough to record this episode with Thomas in person, the most elegant guest we’ve had so far!


PIVOT:  COVID-19 forced The Corinthia London to shut its doors, as Managing Director, Thomas Kochs is finding new ways to support the industry and his staff.

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Keep up with Thomas on instagram https://www.instagram.com/thomas.kochs/?hl=en

For information about The Corinthia London, view their website https://www.corinthia.com/london/ and for careers opportunities https://www.corinthia.com/careers/

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