7 Sites For Best Products Reviews of 2020, Home and Garden Edition

In dire need of an expert opinion on vacuum cleaners? Looking for a purchasing guide or a holiday gift guide to help you navigate the market? You’re in the right place.

In this review, we’ll bring you the SEVEN best review websites that offer detailed reviews and honest opinions about the latest home and garden products on the market!

So in no particular order, they are:

1. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the one-stop hub for all home and garden reviews from professionals and experts in the field. You can find the best product reviews of cleaning appliances and gardening tools of any major brands with summaries and drill-through analysis.

Their best posts are rating compilations, where several products are grouped, scored, and ranked. Brief through them if you need a bird-eye view of the market or some useful product comparisons.

2. Amazon Reviews

Well, since most home and garden companies moved their business to e-commerce sites, where is the best place for Amazon product reviews if not the Amazon Reviews section?

If you’re on Amazon, we recommend using Verified Purchase and With Photos and Video filters as evidence of real product reviews. Don’t shy away from long reviews as they tend to be detailed updates of the product a couple months into use.

3. Wirecutter by The New York Times

Wirecutter is the pro of product tests and reviews. They carefully curated the home and garden product line-up, and include the criteria, testing methods and procedure in the review.

Best of all, Wirecutter is reader-supported. They earn a small commission when readers make purchases through their affiliated links. This keeps their opinions bias-free and objective.

4. The Spruce

The Spruce has the best reviews ever when it comes to holiday seasons. If you’re running low on gift, party or home improvement project ideas, The Spruce is your lifesaver.

They have a team of licensed professionals delivering real tips and tricks through a transparent review board process. So, whatever ended up on your screen is doubled certified!

5. The Strategist

The Strategist is a branch of New York magazine, so you can expect high-quality journalism in their product reviews.

Their most popular content is People’s Choice, where they source top-reviewed products on Thekinglive.com  and single out the best with detailed rating systems and choosing criteria. Gone are the days you have to go through the Amazon review section yourself.

6. Business Insider

You might not have tried it, but click the Reviews tab. You’ll be greeted with best deals of the days and promo code compilations that make every day a Big Sale Day!

Business Insider has an interesting review series of their employee’s favourite products. It's a fun and informal tried-and-true tale of home electronics, furniture services and kitchenware that cannot be missed!

7. TechRadar

TechRadar offers more than just home and garden reviews. Like Business Insider, they pull in exclusive deals, promos and discounts, but not just from brands but also big retailers. Not many sites make a list of 100+ holidays deals at Walmart and Target, do they?

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum or high-definition home projector, check out TechRadar for in-depth technology reviews to find the best products.

Final Words

So, did we include your best source of expert opinion on this list? Let us know in the comment below which one is your favourite go-to site!

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