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The Tales of Osteopathy Students

Ep 72: The UK's First Womb Transplant

Season 4, Ep. 72

This week we are back with a MEDICAL STORY TIME! Recently in the news you may have seen that the first womb transplant took place in the UK in February this year and of course we could not resist taking a deep dive into it.
We talk a bit about the first transplant in the UK, along with some of the risks and complications and the first baby born from a womb transplant which took place in Sweden in 2014.

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  • 75. Ep 75: Dissertations

    This week we talk about our dissertation projects and the topics we worked on. Chelsea discusses her exploration into palliative care and if osteopaths are interested in working within that field. V talks about education into women's health and the lack of it! Both topics we are really passionate about and loved looking into.We talk a little bit about the process we went through to put these projects together, so if you are heading into your final year, we have a few top tips.
  • 74. Ep 74: The End is Nigh

    It's been a hot minute but we are back after an intensive few months. We are so excited to be back and have a lot to share about our final year as students. We've got some life updates for you and with only a few weeks before we officially qualify, we chat about our final clinical assessments and our experience of working in some of the specialist clinics we have at UCO.
  • 73. Ep 73: Andrew Saunders

    This week we have the absolute joy of interviewing one of our cohort, Mr Andrew Saunders. Andrew previously qualified as an osteopath way back when and shares with us his insights into the difference in the courses.Andrew shares with us about his life in between osteopathy and his exciting plans for the future.
  • 71. Ep 71: Year 4 Round Up

    This week we talk through a summary of all of the different subjects we covered over our 4th year along with a bit about assessments. Discussion pathology, NMS (neuromuscular system), neurology, pain science, research and enquiry, technique, rehab and professionalism. It's been a busy year! We finish off the episode with a few of our absolute fave food and drink spots near uni. Because we all secretly know that this is a food podcast.
  • 70. EP 70: All Things Clinic

    We are back and talking about all things clinic. We discuss our experience of assessments throughout the academic year, Chelsea's experience of working in some of the specialists clinics and our top tips for anyone going into clinic, whether you are observing  or starting to take the lead.
  • 69. EP 69: Water Gun of Happiness (End of Term 1 Round Up)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you've had a wonderful Christmas break. This week we start of with a round up of term 1 of year and end up deep in discussion around the moral complexities of being a practionner. Chelsea and V chat about Chelsea's Christmas clinic block and their ideas for their future clinic design. Along with having an interesting discussion around patient boundaries, gift giving and thoughts around working on your own compared to working with a team of osteopaths.
  • 68. Ep 68: Spondy ... what?

    This week we are attempting to uncomplicate all of the spondylollylolilololsis. We touch on spondylosis, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. Discussing prevalence, grades and management plans. We also talk about Chelsea's experience at the UCO graduation ceremony.
  • 67. Ep 67: Dr Oliver Thomson

    This week Chelsea and V talk to Dr Oliver Thomson PhD. Prior to his studies as an Osteopath, Oliver also has a Master' degree in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University, and then gained his PhD in osteopathy in 2013 from the Clinical Research Centre for Health Professions at the University of Brighton. He also works as an Associate Professor at the University College of Osteopathy, where he leads the PhD course . He is one of a very small number of osteopaths awarded a Professorship title in the UK and worldwide, and Dr Thomson is considered one of the leading authorities on osteopathic practice and research.