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  • 109. Lying Creepyladies Who Lie

    This is a story, or an accounting of, and interpretation of a dream. I’m Herschel Sterling and I’m here to help. This was done on location while I was walking around doing stuff, and it sounds like it. That’s why we need StoryCheetah. That’s why. Now you can hear the need for it. Meet me at substack for the rest of this.

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  • 108. The Channels

    I woke up with the word "Channel" in my head. I just hit the keyboard and see what comes out. This is Flash Fiction. I guess what this is about is how there are voices we hear our whole lives. It makes me think that we have to be careful in case we become a voice in someone else’s head. Here it is at substack. That's a good place to see all my stuff. Please support my app project.
  • 107. Who Can Use Story Cheetah?

    “Show, don’t tell” is a cool way to think about storytelling. People used to gather around their radios before there was TV. The imaginations of the people listening were a part of the process. The idea here is to get people communicating again, and to get people truly creating again. AI is a tool for us to use. We are not the tools for AI.You must see the post at substack to get the best of this podcast. There are important links there that explain and get you more into what is happening and why.
  • 106.2. Goodbye Brave Browser Again

    Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Dishonesty. It Begs the Question, Who is Really Behind It? Get a better handle on this at my substack. I'm posting this again, right away, because I posted it on the weekend when I don't get as many downloads. Also, look at my post about Flash August Fiction
  • 106. Goodbye Brave Browser

    Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Dishonesty. It Begs the Question, Who is Really Behind It?No story today, just a brief rant about the problems we’re having with the puerile children at the tech companies who want to pony us around our research. I hope you’ll consider one of my designs for a shirt or cap or magnets and stickers. Maybe help out with raising some funds for storycheetah. I’m at the point where I need a coder. Find this on Substack 06-22-24.
  • 105. Mitchell's Mission

    Some kids are just straight evil. That’s just how that is. Support my work by getting a t-shirt or by helping to fund my app project. I’m here to help. Can you help me help? The whole thing is at Substack. They don't leave me enough room here for the whole transcript.
  • 104. The Comedian

    Did you ever hear about a guy who did a thing where he was inappropriate, but at least he asked first? That’s what this story is about, something like that. Maybe this is what they call in their biz, a “bit.” Perhaps. You’re welcome. I’m Commercial Herschel and I’m here to help. More on Substack - Support me here please: Getting shirts or other merch is a way to support my writing and the building of my Storycheetah app. There is also a link to my Givesendgo for the app. Givesendgo supports free speech and does not withold funds like creepy, dirtbag commies or fascist authoritarian whatever you want to call them, they all suck and don’t belong in American business systems. Thank you Givesendgo.