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Everything we know about The War Within

Ep. 472

Special guest site writer Nick Marino joins us as we discuss the massive amount of news that dropped this week about WoW’s next expansion The War Within. We cover arguably one of the biggest quality of life improvements coming to the game in the form of Warbands as well as the alpha test, dynamic flight, Delves, the new Earthen allied race, new classes coming to the Dracthyr, a major in-game event that has already been spoiled (really, people, let's not), and the new mode that turns spiders into crabs. Though not crabs with tiny hats so there is obviously still some improvement to be had there.

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  • 476. How Diablo 4 is maximizing our demon-slaying routine

    It's time to spend less time sorting through your overflowing inventory and more time killing demons, because Diablo 4Season 4 is live with massive itemization changes. We discuss the massive 16gb patch, the changes the Diablo 4 team has made to the game since its release, and the lessons they could learn from Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. Plus soloing Battle for Azeroth raids, the now-daily Mists of Pandaria raid lockouts, and Joe's thoughts on the brand new Totemic Shaman.
  • 475. Preparing to head back to Pandaria

    In this week's show, we're getting ready to go to back to Pandaria in WoW Remix, which launches next week on May 16. We discuss the best classes to play in ReMists, whether we're getting the new Draenei or Troll Heritage Armor that was added in WoW patch 10.2.7, and contemplate Diablo Immortal's new storm-themed Tempest class — could it also be coming to Diablo 4? And to wrap up, which Warcraft story would we make into a television show? (If we suddenly had the power to make a Warcraft TV show.)
  • 474. Diablo 4's story-free season and Dragonflight's loot piñata

    Loot for everyone! Join us this week as we discuss Diablo 4's latest season theme: Loot Reborn, which seems to skip story to focus entirely on the massive itemization changes arriving with Season 4. (We're a little disappointed.) Plus the trials and tribulations of Dragonflight Season 4, which continues its Awakened raid rotation with a return to Aberrus and Zaralek Cavern, featuring plenty of upgraded loot to gear up alts and mains. Unfortunately Fyr'alath owners are stuck with bug preventing Dragonflight Legendaries from being fully upgraded — but don't worry, it's already been fixed.
  • 473. Dragonflight Season 4 is upon us

    Join us this week as we discuss the recently rolled out Dragonflight Season 4 including its reverse squish dungeon difficulty change. Also our WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria beta experiences, Hearthstone’s quest difficulty identity crisis, and WoW’s return to China.
  • 471. The crushing weight of too much content

    Join us as we discuss the smaller delights found in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3, trying to keep up with all of the seasons/battle pass/limited time event grinds across multiple games, and what recent single player fantasy games (other than Baldur's Gate 3) is equivalent to Cyberpunk 2077’s engaging mix of massive world building, story driven quests, and modern graphics. Hint: Not enough.
  • 470. Noblegarden has gone to the ducks and we're here for it

    Join us as we discuss the new adorable duck reward from this year’s Noblegarden event, Diablo 4’s first PTR, what we’d like to see in the future for WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, how Overwatch introduced a new hero but without all the extra stories usually surrounding the launch of a character, and we end on a deep discussion about Pirate Stitches and shark guns. You’re welcome.
  • 469. Less time sorting, more time slaying

    Join us as we discuss the recent Diablo 4 dev chat revealing the many quality of life improvements coming to the gearing system, the massive Dragonflight meta achievement that rewards the goodest of boys, and the new raid content coming to WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Wrath Classic. Plus, the flower-hatted duck that is destined to be our new best friend.
  • 468. Welcome to the Plunderdome!

    Join us as we discuss Plunderstorm, the surprise 60-person Battle Royale mode Blizzard just dropped for WoW (but not for WoW, it’s a thing.) We also cover our varying levels of excitement and disappointment over the new Hero specializations revealed for The War Within, wax nostalgic for the new 10th anniversary Hearthstone cards referencing the game’s past, and wrap up with the question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot lately, "Does Overwatch even know what it's trying to be anymore?"