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  • 21. Ep. 21 Ft Rylee Ward

    Episode 21 takes us deep into the world of New Zealand champion bull rider, Rylee Ward. Rylee shares incredible insights into the thrilling rodeo scene in New Zealand. With his recent successes on both home soil and in Australia, Rylee tells us about the dedication and hard work required to achieve his goals as a professional athlete. We also have Taran sharing a story from bucking pony’s at the brook, and Rylee gets caught up in a conversation that leaves everyone in stitches. It's a must-listen episode packed with fascinating insights, plenty of laughs, and unforgettable moments. Don't miss out!

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  • 20. Ep. 20 Easter Yarns

    In Episode 20 of the Re ride podcast, we've got some exciting stuff lined up for you. Caiden is back and he's gonna fill us in on all the things he's been up to lately. You won't believe the dedication it took for our own Ben to score this massive opportunity in America. We'll dive into his journey and how he reached this goal. And oh boy, Taran had a rough week with a dinner gone wrong. We'll share all the juicy details. Plus, get ready for a shocking revelation: turns out we've been lied to about the Easter bunny our whole lives! Can you believe it? And watch out for those sneaky Facebook scammers, they're getting real good at their game. We'll make sure you're not fooled. It's gonna be an episode full of surprises and insights you won't want to miss!
  • 19. Ep. 19 Ft Scott Stringer

    Episode 19: Scott Stringer joins us this week for a chat, and the boys have been off on another fishing adventure. We take a trip down memory lane and share a few Reride stories from the past years. Scotty fills us in on what he's been up to in the last months, showing us how setting goals can make things a lot easier with setting yourself up. And of course, the boys are back on the golf course, swapping more yarns on the green. The hotline is buzzing with a couple of ripper yarns that really brings out our Reride stories. Listen to how the bulls have been giving us some trouble with their games out in the paddock, it's a great chat and we hope you enjoy!
  • 18. Ep. 18 The cowboy adventure

    Jump into episode 18 of The Reride Podcast, where we hear about Ben and Boston’s day adventures with a rogue bulls. We teach some fireball shots a lesson from the new sponsor of the podcast, we get to talking about some fun nights that we all have had on the fireball! Taran tells us how he gets through his 7/7 roster with some cheeky pranks he pulls and how competitive they can get. Ben and Boston have been living the high life after the success in the PBR talk about some of the bets they put on for the the catfish contest. Taran take us down a wild night out with his bad times on bartenders free pouring whiskey and how Taran doesn’t agree with whiskey. Have a shout out to BENNY PRESS for stepping out of his comfort zone and his missions of getting on a bull and taking it head on with the JB mentality but made him pay a bit of a price. We get to hear about the day to day routines that we all try to get into whether it is at home or while we are off on the road. As always we talk about the rodeo results from past weekends. The cowboy hotline of the century gets called in this week and it has us in stitches, it’s not one to miss. Ben come up with some yays and nays that we disagree and agree with to everyone doing things in public! We give people our piece of mind on everyone out there giving cowboys slack for trying to have a beer at the end of the day! Hear about some upcoming sports events that should be on everyone’s schedule! From UFC to Footy and even some silly soccer.Tune in for this episode that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • 17. Ep. 17 ft Tristan

    G'day, folks! Welcome to Episode 17 of our action-packed podcast. Today, we're diving deep into the world of the ultimate outdoorsman, Tristan. Join us as Tristan takes us on an exhilarating journey through spearfishing, deer hunting, and pig hunting, sharing his secrets on how he's become self-sufficient in these epic hobbies. We also hit up the Toowoomba Meatstock and talk about our experience. And let's not forget about those sneaky sellers on Facebook Marketplace—we'll spill the beans on what not to buy. Taran pulls a hilarious riddle on Caiden that'll have you in stitches. Plus, Brucy shares the latest UFC results and give you a sneak peek at some upcoming fights. And of course, Brucy wraps things up with another one of his popular dad jokes. Thanks for tuning in!
  • 16. Ep. 16 Ft Mitchum Dawes

    Saddle up for an action-packed episode of our podcast! In this week's episode, we're diving deep into the world of cowboy Mitchum Dawes. We'll be reminiscing about his old days riding bulls and how that journey led him to where he is today. Get ready for some thrilling tales of grit, determination, and success! But that's not all, We'll also be exploring the mental preparation it takes to ride those mighty bulls. From the adrenaline rush to the focus required. We speak of roots, we'll be taking a trip down memory lane and discussing the importance of going back to our roots. We'll share some of our best camping spots, including those wild encounters with crocodiles! It's a conversation you won't want to miss, filled with laughter, adventure, and maybe a few close calls. But wait, there's more! We'll be dishing on Caiden's recent wedding and all the fun and trouble we got into. From unexpected mishaps to heartwarming moments, we'll paint a vivid picture of the big day. Taran will also share his tales of dealing with Optus and the hustles he's encountered. Life on the road can get boring, but we've got some tricks up our sleeves to make it easier. Hold onto your hats, folks, because we've got stories of Ben's encounter with the police and a challenge from Caiden that had everyone on their toes. Plus, we'll be discussing some awesome rodeo results and sharing our thoughts on JB as the new PBR teams coach.To wrap things up, we'll reveal some exciting draws and talk about the wedding gifts we got for Caiden and his lovely bride. It's a jam-packed episode that'll keep you entertained from start to finish.
  • 15. Ep. 15 Ft Mark Bruce

    Get ready for episode 15 of our podcast! Brucey takes us on a thrilling journey with hunting tales, including an epic video of him catching a boar with us his horse! We'll also share hilarious and nostalgic stories from our childhood, getting peppered by calves during branding. Taran presents a fun challenge of folding a piece of paper more than seven times, sparking a lively debate. Plus, we'll delve into the world of hay farming with all the factors that come with maintaining a good crop. Hang on tight as we recount our encounters with fiery bulls that left us battered and bruised. Brucy hits the boys with some great bull riding questions, which we share our personal opinions on how we go about these things. To wrap it up, Caiden leaves us with two dad jokes. Will it leave you with a laugh? Tune in and join the fun!