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What if…Sargeras never fell?

Ep. 316

Join us this week as we explore an alternate version of Azeroth’s history where Sargeras didn’t betray the Pantheon, but instead became a champion of the Light. From the elves never existing to the Horde never forming to the Dark Portal to Draenor never opening to a massive confrontation with Zovaal in the Shadowlands by a Titan-led army of Light, the implications are, needless to say, wild.

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  • 323. How the story of Fallout 2 evolved

    Join us as we continue to explore the expanding lore of Fallout 2 picking up with the release of the game sequels and going all the way through to the recent Amazon Prime show.
  • 4. Tavern Watch Plays Pathfinder 04: Five adventurers walk into a dungeon...

    We've all been there. A forgotten underground temple full of mysteries, treasures, traps, and more than a few dusty old skulls. (At least we're pretty sure that's dust.) But we're adventurers, and never walk away from danger (in fact, we frequently cause the danger ourselves). In this week's adventure, GM Matt Rossi escorts the hapless Tavern Watch crew to the conclusion of the Pathfinder 2e Rise of the Runelords adventure.We may be hapless, but we've gotten this far! And we'll probably make it all the way to the end of this dungeon, but no promises.
  • 322. An introduction to the world of Fallout

    Lore. Lore never changes...It's October 2077 and a global nuclear war has devastated the world. And that's just the beginning of the story of Fallout. This week we explore the very first Fallout game, and how this sprawling story began.
  • 3. Tavern Watch Plays Pathfinder 03: This is why you don't split the party

    GM Matt Rossi continues to guide the hapless Tavern Watch crew through a Pathfinder 2e game, based on the classic Rise of the Runelords adventure.This week, we faced the classic tabletop conundrum: if one of your party members is slower than the rest, should you leave them behind as you sprint ahead into adventure? They'll eventually catch up, right? It'll be fine. (And I'm sure you would have all made the same choice in our place.)
  • 2. Tavern Watch Plays Pathfinder 02: How many buildings can one adventuring party destroy in a day?

    The Tavern Watch crew continues its Pathfinder 2e game, based on the classic Rise of the Runelords adventure!In our latest adventure, GM Matt Rossi watches in amusement (we assume it was amusement) as the party picks a fight with a squirrel and sets on the trail of who — or what — just attacked the town of Sandport. One of these is perhaps more important than the other, but we had to deal with the squirrel.And that building thing? Definitely not our fault.
  • 321. Just what do the Nathrezim want?

    This week we explore the Nathrezim's purpose on Azeroth and whether their manipulations had any impact on Sargeras. (Spoiler: probably not.) Plus we recount the whispers of Il'gynoth, what we know about Xal'atath, and just what role the Old Gods might play in the story moving forward.
  • 1. Tavern Watch Plays Pathfinder 01: How to fight off angry goblins in 7 easy steps

    Our Pathfinder 2e: Rise of the Runelords campaign begins! GM Matt Rossi sends our adventurers to the town of Sandport, where the party visits the local festival, has a curious encounter with a fortune teller, and fights off a group of angry goblins who descend on the celebrations. Surely that won't have any consequences at all.
  • 1. Tavern Watch Plays Daggerheart 01: Our one-shot adventure extravaganza

    We ran an entire adventure, from beginning to end, in one session using the v1.2 open beta playtest rules for Daggerheart, the new TTRPG developed by Darrington Press and the team at Critical Role. GM Phil Ulrich leads a tiny frog merchant (Liz), a construct (Matt), a guardian (Nick), and a fairy (Anne) into the treacherous forest of the Sable Wood where, surprise, nothing goes as planned.
  • 320. What if Jaina Proudmoore became the Lich Queen?

    Join us as we explore an alternate universe where daughter of the sea becomes the master of the Scourge. After all, it’s not as if she hasn’t done horrible things as a human. To quote Matt Rossi “if you need someone to wield power, I’m your girl.”