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  • 2. Tadzio Mueller: The Case for "Just Collapse"

    What if we’re too late for a “Just Transition”, and the best we can hope for is a “Just Collapse”?Dr. Tadzio Mueller started as an alter-globalisation protest leader in 1999 before embracing climate activism. A spat on BlueSky with climate analyst and previous guest Ketan Joshi led to the suggestion to come on the show.Richard differs on the inevitability, but this is a conversation, not a shouting match. It roams from LNG to “electric capitalism” to Paul Kingsnorth and crises of faith to Michael E. Mann to Isaac Asimov to adaptation. Email info@wickedproblems.ukTime Codes & Highlights* [00:04:38] - Introduction to Tadzio Mueller, his background, and his evolution from an alter-globalization activist to a proponent of the "just collapse" theory.* [00:05:20] - Insights into the dynamics of climate activism, the limitations of summit protests, and the strategic shifts within the movement.* [00:11:04] - Mueller's personal journey through activism, including his preemptive arrest in 2009 and the realization of the inadequacies of current climate activism strategies.* [00:17:31] - A critical examination of the relationship between economic growth and emissions, challenging the feasibility of decoupling them in the context of climate change.* [00:26:59] - Exploring the psychological barriers to effective climate action, including societal repression and denial, and their impact on policy and activism.* [00:33:56] - Introduction to the concept of "just collapse," its implications for society, and the necessity for a reevaluation of activism and societal priorities in the face of climate collapse and rising fascism.* [00:54:58] - Mueller's take on the limitations of the degrowth movement and the distinction between analytical frameworks and actionable strategies in addressing climate collapse.* [01:07:03] - Reflections on COVID-19 as a moment of potential leverage for governments to influence capitalism and its relevance to climate activism.Recommended Resources* Peaceful Sabotage - Where you can find his writings in German and English.* Reflections on 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.* Tadzio speaks in 2015 outside COP21 in Paris about the “Ende Gellände” movement that led to the pledge to phaseout lignite coal in Germany.* Lützerath - the German village bulldozed in 2023 for a coalmine, and a turning point for Dr. Mueller.

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  • 1. TFT's Antony Yousefian: Soil will be the most valuable asset class

    Welcome back for Series 2 of Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations.Farmers may wind up making or breaking our chance to tackle climate change.In this episode Claire Brady and Richard Delevan speak with Antony Yousefian, partner at The First Thirty VC, shares his journey from finance to the forefront of climate tech and sustainable investment in the UK. Delving into the impacts of climate change on agriculture, the potential of regenerative farming, Antony provides invaluable insights into leveraging technology and capital for a greener future.Time Codes & Highlights:[00:01:30] - Antony shares his background in finance and the transition towards sustainable investments and the decarbonisation of financial assets.[00:05:25] - Discussion on the challenges of ESG quantification and the journey towards actionable metrics in sustainable investment.[00:06:24] - Antony highlights the significance of food security, climate change, and the crucial role of sustainable agriculture in addressing these issues.[00:10:56] - Insights into regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestration, and the necessity of incentivising sustainable farming practices.[00:25:58] - The role of AI in capturing data and enabling sector growth, and the importance of data in attracting capital to sustainability efforts.[00:31:22] - Why investing in nature tech and the food system is bankable and the opportunity for returns on investment.[00:36:47] - Antony provides recommendations for books, films, and podcasts that have influenced his perspective on sustainability and agriculture.Antony’s Catalysts:Films: "Kiss the Ground" and "The Biggest Little Farm" for insights into regenerative agriculture's potential.Book: "What Your Food Ate" by David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé, exploring the impact of soil health on food nutrition.Podcasts: "Investing in Regenerative Agriculture" by Koen van Seijen and "Regenerative Agriculture" by John Kempf for discussions on the future of farming.Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit on climate-caused food price inflation.Contact:Connect with Antony Yousefian on LinkedIn
  • 25. Christmas Bonus Best-of: Fan Fave Michael Barnard

    In case you missed it, here's our most popular episode of 2023 - our chat with the one and only Michael Barnard.Back in October, we talked about IEA's World Energy Outlook, COP28, Hydrogen hopium, CCUS, predatory delay, HVDC, electrification, LDES, Michael Liebreich, and MPs "with the STEM background of illiterate newts"Subscribe to our newsletter at, and get new #climatetech conversations first with co-hosts Richard Delevan and Claire Brady.Michael Barnard is a Forbes and Cleantechnica contributor, chief strategist at The Future is Electric, and climate futurist advising global corporates and financial institutions on decarbonisation scenarios with 80-year horizons. And woe be unto you if you turn up in his LinkedIn comments without receipts. This week the IEA released its 2023 World Energy Outlook, an updated Michael Liebreich Hydrogen Ladder 5.0, and #COP28 is only a month away - making it the perfect time to check in with the most unfiltered energy and climate tech strategists around. He comprehensively out-nerds host Richard Delevan in this episode of the Wicked Problems Podcast. Michael’s Catalysts: Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters by Richard Rummelt - a key for understanding Barnard’s ruthless focus on what’s real.Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy by Kishore Mambabani - The Eminence Grise behind Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew Co-hosts Claire Brady (LinkedIn) and Richard Delevan will be back soon with another epsiode. For ad-free listening, subscribe at
  • 24. G, ENSO Tyres CEO: Speaking from the heart

    Welcome back to Wicked Problems. Did we bite off more than we could chew this year? Ask us after the Chouchou and mince pies are gone.Our attempts to try out some Icelandic did not go well - so in this conversation with ENSO Tyres founder and Earthshot Prize finalist Gunnlaugur Peter Erlendsson, we respected his wishes and probably avoid prosecution in Iceland by just calling him “G”.In this conversation with Richard Delevan, G:discusses the importance of open-heartedness and inclusivity in shaping a positive future.reflects on his experiences at Earthshot Week and, highlighting the value of speaking from the heart in decision-making. He even takes us behind the scenes during the process.discusses Prince William’s nomination of ENSO for the Earthshot Prize for the company’s work on reducing air pollution and the significance of that recognition.drops hints on whether he might be lured to sunny California by the IRA.emphasizes the power of connecting with people genuinely and openly, advocating for courage and openness in tackling global challenges.G’s Catalysts:* Earthshot Prize* Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO of The B Team - “she taught me something extremely valuable … to speak from the heart”G Was Ready for His CloseupAt G’s suggestion - and look at that hair and those pecs, how could he not - we recorded video. You can find a video of our conversation here:Merry ChristmasHappy holidays from the whole team at Wicked Problems. And it’s not too late to support the Elves in the Wicked Problems workshop by giving a gift subscription to a friend at
  • 23. John Hartley, Levidian CEO: Turning trash gas into treasure

    Welcome to Wicked Problems. While other climate tech shows are winding down, we’re still pumping out the content about an issue - let’s be honest - you’re going to be thinking about over the break. Because that’s the sort of person you are.For our newsletter and ad-free listening, subscribe at In co-host Richard Delevan's conversation with John Hartley of Levidian, we cover:Levidian's Mission and Technologies* Introduction to Levidian and its role in decarbonizing waste gas.* The technology behind converting methane into hydrogen and graphene.Impact of Methane Transparency on Business* John Hartley's insights on how increased transparency in methane monitoring aids Levidian's business growth.* The importance of political will in setting the market-making rules in climate tech.Decarbonization Trends in Industrial Sectors* Discussion on how different industries are moving towards decarbonization independently of climate conferences.* The role and impact of Levidian's LOOP units in decarbonizing waste gas.John Hartley's Catalysts:* A fascinating study of hydropower dams and what that taught him about* WhenToPlugIn - the National Grid ESO app* The Week Junior - The kids’ version of news about climate and the world that provides.Thanks for listening. Back soon.
  • 22. The Times/Ben Cooke's Christmas Books

    Welcome back to Wicked Problems. The climate tech show not afraid to ask the big questions. Like, what last-minute gifts should climate nerds ask Santa to bring them?We asked Ben Cooke, who writes about climate tech and the environment at The Times, to talk through his recommended books of the year:The Deluge, by Stephen MarkleyA climate thriller that goes much faster than its 900 pages might suggest. “It's really, it's really worth it”.Avocado Anxiety, by Louise GrayClimate Capitalism, by Akshat RathiFive Times Faster: Rethinking the Science, Economics and Diplomacy of Climate Change, by Simon SharpeDefinitely one for the policy wonks.The Last Drop: Solving the World’s Water Crisis, by Tim SmedleyAnd one that is on our pre-order list:Not the End of the World: How We Can Be the First Generation to Build a Sustainable Planet, by Dr. Hannah RitchieDefusing the Hydrogen BombWe also spoke about his coverage of the UK government decision to drop a hydrogen home heating trial in Redcar, and his reactions to the agreement in Dubai after having attended COP28.Thanks for ListeningWe’ll be back with more episodes before the end of the year:* John Hartley, Levidian CEO (Thursday)* Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, CEO of ENSO Tyres (Saturday)* Ciaran Cuffe, Green Party Member of the European Parliament for Dublin (26 Dec)And plenty more in store for the new year.
  • 21. Hannah Scott: Climate Tech Supercluster and Oxfordshire Greentech

    Welcome back to Wicked Problems. The climate tech show and newsletter that was so early walking out of COP before it was cool.Things look bleak at a deadlocked #COP28 in Dubai right now - so we thought this was a good time to share this optimistic conversation Claire Brady and Richard Delevan had with Hannah Scott, CEO of Oxfordshire Greentech. We talk about Hannah’s experiences in building one of the world’s most exciting climate tech clusters, where innovation isn’t just talked about but brought to life, and look forward to the Climate Solutions Conference she’s leading in March of next year.Read more:* Oxfordshire Greentech Climate Solutions Conference - 13th March, Said Business School* Get your Earlybird Tickets* Oxfordshire Greentech* Climate Tech Supercluster* Subscribe to our newsletter - news.wickedproblems.ukHannah’s Catalysts:Daring Greatly, by Brené BrownPlaying Big, by Tara Mohr