The Mysterious Death of Edna Kennard

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  • 6. Derek

    Derek loves being Gothic and dramatic all over the place. He loves black and having his office nice and gloomy with ethereal music screeching in the background...actually he doesn't, he likes Dolly Parton. He also likes the wear a big black cape but that just gets tangled around his legs and trips him up. Dracula, he certainly isn't. His mother announces her retirement, leaving Derek in charge much to his shock and surprise.

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  • 5. Betty and Alice

    Betty realises who the mysterious woman is who turns up in a massive car and a chauffeur. Alice has to cope with Betty grasping her in a head lock and hurling her to the floor. She consoles herself with memories of a hairy sailor much to Betty's disdain. Will they find out what the woman wants? Will Betty hurl Alice to the floor again? Will Alice finally get to the door?...
  • 4. Derek

    Derek has killed yet another assistant. That's three in a week! Perhaps it's because his mother has been driving him mad again. Or maybe it's just because he's a homicidal a good suit...and a purple silk shirt.
  • 3. Marjorie

    Meet Marjorie Pargiter, who is not having the best day. Her blood pressure is through the roof, her train is late as is her car that is supposed to meet her at her destination. When it arrives, it's too big and too flashy as is her driver who has a fondness for musicals. And her phone is refusing to turn on. And she bangs her ear. And her knee. It's definitely one of those days.
  • 2. Betty and Alice part 2

    In this, the second part of Betty and Alice, a mysterious black Mercedes turns up in Charterfield Close. Just who is the woman occupant? What is she doing in the Close? And what does she want with Edna Kennard's old bungalow? Join Kevin Green as he narrates this cosy mystery crime story and he might tell you. Then again, he might not...
  • 1. Betty and Alice part 1

    Listen to a new and exciting original work of cosy mystery by Kevin Green, serialised for the Hot Cocoa Club; the home of new original fiction and classic literature. The mysterious death of Edna Kennard is the first in a series of cosy mysteries and fantastic fiction that the Hot Cocoa Club will be producing.In this first episode we meet Betty and Alice, residents of Charterfield Close, who are destined to discover that the recent deaths in the Close may not all be natural.