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  • 5. Deadly Dose, Part 2: A Tampa Bay Times investigation into kratom

    Data editor Langston Taylor and investigative reporter Hannah Critchfield talk about the mysterious supply chain fueling the rise of kratom, a dusty green psychoactive powder that’s been linked to hundreds of overdose deaths in Florida over the past decade.
  • 4. Deadly Dose: Part 1: A Tampa Bay Times investigation into kratom

    Food and dining critic Helen Freund and health reporter Sam Ogozalek talk about the danger lurking in kratom, a dusty green psychoactive powder that’s made its way from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree to gas stations, smoke shops and Kava bars across Florida and the U.S.
  • 3. The story behind the mugshot

    Hillsborough County reporter Sue Carlton talks about what a recent attack in Tampa's Hyde Park tells us about a Canadian man’s descent into mental illness and homelessness.
  • 2. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor’s big claim on affordable housing

    Tampa City Hall Reporter Olivia George talks about what she discovered when she dug into claims by Tampa’s mayor about what the city was doing about affordable housing.
  • 1. All Children’s Hospital, after the Maya verdict

    Health and medicine reporter Chris O’Donnell discusses what’s next for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital after a jury awarded a massive $210 million in damages to Maya Kowalski in the case made famous by the Take Care of Maya Netflix documentary.
  • 9. Surviving the Darién Gap

    Extreme tropical weather, treacherous conditions and deadly wildlife make the Darién Gap one of the most dangerous places in the world. Times immigration reporter Juan Carlos Chavez talks about three Tampa Bay residents who survived their journey across the mud-slicked mountainous jungle connecting Colombia and Panama on their way to reach the U.S. border.