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  • 6. EP #6 - Theme Days with Chris Finch

    In this episode of The Bird's Eye View podcast, we're joined by Mr. Finch, the Middle Campus Vice-Principal of Learning, to discuss the role of Theme Days at the middle campus. Mr. Finch shares his insights on how these days foster creativity and contribute positively to the school environment. Listeners will also be treated to a surprise performance that's bound to be memorable. Tune in to hear Mr. Finch's thoughts on educational innovation and the unexpected highlights that make Theme Days a significant part of the school calendar.

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  • 5. EP #5 - Hoop Dreams with Jon Chan (SC Athletics Director)

    Join us in "Hoop Dreams," where Mr. Penner and Mr. Sijpheer interview Mr. Chan, the Athletics Director at our secondary campus. This episode delves into the dynamic world of school sports, discussing its challenges and triumphs. Mr. Chan highlights the role of athletics in fostering student growth and community spirit, in line with our school's goal to help every child flourish. Listen in for insights into how sports contribute to education and personal development, shared through engaging stories and experiences. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and educators alike, this episode offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of school athletics.
  • EP #4 - A Kindergarten Christmas

    On this Christmas Special episode of "The Bird's Eye View" Podcast, hosts Mr. Sijpheer and Mr. Penner bring holiday cheer with a spirited Christmas medley showdown. The hosts showcase their musical talents (or lack thereof), blending classic carols with unexpected twists in a friendly competition.To add a heartwarming twist, Ms. Niebel's kindergarten class becomes the judge, sharing their adorable reactions and choosing the ultimate carol champion. The episode culminates in the heartwarming voices of the kindergarteners as they joyfully sing "Oh What a Glorious Night" by the Sidewalk Prophets. Join the festive fun with this episode of The Bird's Eye View!
  • 3. EP #3 - Technology and Innovation: An Interview with Jimmy and Jedd

    In this episode, Mr. Penner and Mr. Sijpheer chat with Jimmy and Jedd from the RCS Robotics Team. The discussion focuses on their experiences with robotics and what they've learned about technology, problem-solving, and teamwork. The students share insights from their journey in robotics, emphasizing the value of collaboration and hands-on learning. The episode also hints at an upcoming technology-centered year-end appeal, with more details to be revealed later. Join us in listening to the conversation that sheds light on the benefits and practical aspects of learning through technology.
  • 2. EP #2 - Meet Swift - The MC's Furry Friend

    In this heartwarming episode of The Bird's Eye View, we're thrilled to introduce Swift, the beloved service dog of our middle campus. Join us as we sit down with Mrs. Laing, to delve into the exciting journey of Swift and the positive impact this furry friend has had on the campus culture. Mrs. Laing will share touching stories about Swift's day-to-day interactions with students and staff, highlighting the unique ways in which Swift has brought joy and comfort to everyone. Discover how this remarkable service dog has not only assisted but also enriched the lives of many, creating a more inclusive and compassionate environment. Tune in to "Meet Swift: The MC's Furry Friend" for an engaging tale of companionship, love, and the subtle power of a dog's presence in shaping a positive school atmosphere. Also, don't forget to email Mr. Sijpheer ( with your best dog jokes - a prize will be awarded to the best joke next episode!