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Harry Bix

Ep. 3

In the third episode of Into the Paint Anthony interviews artist and "situational interactivist" Harry Bix. Anthony asks Harry about his practice in performance and interactive media, his influences which range from football to hip-hop and landscape architecture, and the emergence of his project East Anglia Records.

Theme music by Harry Bix. Recorded at the AND Publishing studio in Bethnal Green, London.

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  • 14. Shannon Kurlander

    Shannon Kurlander is a writer, actor and creates performances which incorporate theatrical elements and mixed media. She recently premiered her latest show The Project at Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley, South London. The second play of hers to take on a format of storytelling which positions Shannon as both writer and performer, The Project follows Shannon's 2022 piece Visiting Hours. Recently Anthony and Shannon met to discuss her unique process, catch up on the ins and outs of raising a dog called Pistachio, and trade notes on film and TV produced in the style of social realism. Both find themselves reminiscing about people they've encountered within creative lives, maintaining creative practices along with professional work and ponder the imminent return of Indie Sleaze, a style which for better or for worse, both may have had a hand in creating in its first inception.More about ShannonIG: @greatesthits_productions@ShannonKurlanderThe Project at Jack Studio TheatreSupport Into the Paint on PatreonInto the Paint LinktreeIG: @intothepaint_podcastTheme Music by Harry Bix
  • 13. Hadar Cohen

    In her own words, Hadar Cohen describes herself as an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist whose work focuses on multi-religious spirituality, politics, social issues, and community building. She is the founder of Malchut and maintains a practice which includes performance and teaching informed by her family's traditions. Hadar is a 10th-generation Jerusalemite with roots also in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran. Hadar and Anthony met in London in 2022 when Hadar organised a panel discussion on Arab Jewish identity and Anthony has been a follower of her work ever since. Anthony and Hadar had the chance to catch up for an interview in February of this year. Together, they discussed Arab Jewish identity as a vehicle for building solidarity amongst communities in this dark time, narratives and policies around Israel and Palestine, the philosophy behind Malchut, Hadar's spiritual practice, gematria and so much more.More about Hadar CohenWebsite: @hadarcohen32Support Into the Paint on Patreon the Paint Linktree
  • 12. Amber Pinkerton

    Amber Pinkerton describes herself as a photographic, moving image and conceptual artist. Based in London and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Amber's work has been included in exhibitions such as The New Black Vanguard curated by Antwaun Sargent, and her photography regularly appears in publications such as Dazed, i-D, and Vanity Fair just to name a few. Amber and Anthony first connected over her ongoing project the JA Editorial Archive; both of them having an affinity for living and breathing archives. In January 2024, the two sat down for a chat, jumping into topics including Amber's formative years in Jamaica, entering into professional life as a photographer in London, cultural memory on the internet, the biases of AI technology and so much more.Amber PinkertonIG: @ambercashmereWebsite: amberpinkerton.comJA Editorial ArchiveSupport Into the Paint on Patreon AidPalestine Emergency Appeal Gaza Family Funds Directory
  • 11. Alix Lambert

    Alix Lambert's work spans multiple media and disciplines. From documentary filmmaking to boxing, Alix has spent the majority of her career trying to understand strange and beautiful aspects of human behaviour. Anthony first encountered her work while flipping through the 1993 Venice Biennale catalogue; feeling a strange sense of affinity for the black & white image of Alix punching a speed-bag in a wedding dress, Anthony and Alix connected to try to revive her 1993 film 'No Holes Barred.' In the early stages of conducting podcasts for this interview Anthony and Alix caught up online to talk about her latest directorial work with the film 'The Woods Are Real' (2023) and her process of coming to appreciate working through film as a medium.Follow Alix on instagram at @lixilambWatch The Woods Are Real on all major streaming platforms 12 March 2024Check out Alix's books at Percival PressDonate to Humanitet's Emergency Gaza AppealTheme music by Harry Bix
  • 10. Fabio Coverini

    Into The Paint's 10th episode! Back in October 2023, Anthony and Fabio chewed the fat for a few hours. Together they thought through Fabio's artistic trajectory from his origins in working in illustration, fashion design and painting to gigging non-stop as a DJ. Together they unpack the ethos surrounding several subcultures including techno and Northern Soul, reminisce about the glory days of DIY venues and talk about Fabio's current cross-disciplinary practices from his work with Soho Yacht Club and Frank Radio. Anthony and Fabio ponder whether Northern Soul is indeed the reverse British Invasion, if podcasting is actually just cricket, if their collaborative zine 'Baby Grace' is really smart or really dumb, and if Into the Paint should record exclusively from different IKEA's throughout the UK.Visit Fabio on Instagram@fcoverini@frankradiobroadcastCheck out Frank Radio Broadcast on SoundcloudDonate to Humanitet's Palestine Emergency AppealTheme music by Harry Bix
  • 9. Erin Green

    Back in November, Into the Paint conducted a house-call in North London with a then-pregnant Erin Green. Erin is a makeup artist by trade and an artist through-and-through. Aside from Erin's professional work for major brands and magazines, she has always maintained personal projects on the side - these form of self expression help Erin to equalise and balance out some of her more commercial work. She paints on skin, stages photographs, works through zines, and is working towards an ambitions book project. Erin's work generally involves makeup conceptually, however not necessarily always on the face. In this episode Erin and Anthony talk pregnancy and the challenges that independent creatives face when starting a family. They also cover topics from how Erin got started in the fashion photo scene, the pleasures of mulching and the soaring cost of NYC bagels.Check out Erin's work on her website and on instagram: music by Harry BixDonate to Humanitet's Palestine Emergency Appeal here
  • 8. Manu Printster

    Anthony and Manu Printster met in New York City in 2013 by chance at the Affordable Art Fair. Ever since then the two have maintained a bond over printmaking and culture, having collaborated several times from afar. On this episode Anthony met up with Manu Printster in his home town of Mexico City to talk about his recent work with OMG Press. As they try to account for time in between encounters, the two walk streets of Mexico City talking about everything from fan art, parenting, indigenous art to links between the art scenes of Mexico City and the rest of the world. Follow Manu Printster on Instagram@Manu_PrintsterFollow Into the Paint on Instagram@intothepaint_podcastDonate to Humanitet's Palestine Emergency Appeal
  • 7. Bound Art Book Fair II

    From 25-26 November, Into the Paint set up shop at Bound Art Book Fair at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester UK. During those two days Anthony spoke to exhibitors, curators, visitors and publishers about their work and practice.This episode is the second of two volumes, representing the second day of the book fair with interviews with Rafael Melendez, Richard Phoenix, Tamsin Green, and Jane Howard. Special thanks to Lillian, Rob and Joe for having Into the Paint at Bound 2023. Some notes on interviews below.Rafael MelendezInstagram: @purrfecktlyBooks, Editions and ObjectsRichard PhoenixDo Your Own Thing, published by Rough TradeDon’t Step on My BurgerTamsin Green, Manual.Editions Manual EditionsPublication - “Scale and substance”Jane Howard Archivist AddendumIG: @archivistaddendum Publication - Archivist Addendum: Fashion Interpretations
  • 6. Bound Art Book Fair

    From 25-26 November, Into the Paint set up shop at Bound Art Book Fair at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester UK. During those two days Anthony spoke to exhibitors, curators, visitors and publishers about their work and practice.This episode is the first of two volumes, representing the first day of the book fair with interviews with Amy Gough, Chris Neophytou, Molly Maltman, and Tommy Stewart. Special thanks to Lillian, Rob and Joe for having Into the Paint at Bound 2023. Vol 2 out soon! Some notes on interviews below. Amy Gough Neophytou of Place Books 02 23 04:17 by Nahwand Jaff Roots by Hark1Karan to Humanitet Maltman StewartMundial Podcast