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High Net Purpose

High Net Purpose: David Goldberg, Founders Pledge "The Giving Guru"

Ep. 4

In today's Christmas special and last episode of 2023, Joe McCarthy sits down with David Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Founders Pledge to delve in to the challenges, approaches and opportunities of effective philanthropic giving. He lays out how his global team works with founders to identify their goals, map out where they can have most impact and successfully implement.


David Goldberg is the Founder and CEO of Founders Pledge, a global non-profit organisation empowering entrepreneurs to do the most good with their charitable giving. To date, they have pledged over $10 billion to charity and donated over $1 billion and have been recognised as one of the most high-impact charities. Operating globally across 40 countries, with more than 2,000 members who have committed to donating a percentage of their personal proceeds upon exiting their businesses to charity.


In this conversation, David and Joe discuss the following topics:

  • The hardship of the entrepreneurial journey.
  • How philanthropy can help the world.
  • How to give and donate effectively.
  • Climate change as one of the great market failures.
  • The benefits of Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).
  • Emerging areas of giving.
  • The impact of collaboration.


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