Coping in Copenhagen

Abby Wambaugh, Owen O'Sullivan and Marius Lathey …

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  • CiC: Star Potter

    This week. Marius connects the dots. Showing us how a scandal in America is affecting Sweden, Abbys not impressed.And Owen looks at how lego has scrapped their plans recycled bricks but is still trying to build a better future. Also, Abby tells us about Denmarks Youth island. Its like Lord of the flies, but much nicer.

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  • CiC: Tipping point

    This week Marius, Owen and Abby take a deep dive into Danish culture.How do Danes deal with conflict?Is Denmark a tribe of equals or can you be cast out to sea?
  • CiC: Tax Daddy

    This week, we discuss the Danish protesters demanding MORE TAX. Marius talks about Denmarks obsessions with club houses and how sometime they explode. And Maersk is finally going green, but it doest count for Denmark.
  • CiC: And we're back.

    This week. Marius asks, is Denmark a nation of malingers or is it just a good work/life balance?And, Pusher Street is finally being pushed out, but is the Government using archaic methods?Abby talks about the potato holiday no one really knows about.Also, the great Rejsekort debate continues!
  • CiC: The future is now

    This week Marius and Owen go through the headlines. And discover the future is here, now. Denmark has a big week in tech, from F-16 to space filters. And there are pirates in Copenhagen, be careful not to flag them!
  • CiC: Brewing up a storm

    This week, Abby and Owen look at the international mess that Carlsberg are in.And find that the cause could be connected to Danish office politics.Meanwhile, Owen is having an existential crisis about the moral quandaries of living in a high functioning society.But don't worry, Abby sets him straight.
  • CiC: Easy Itinerary

    CiC: Easy ItineraryThis week Marius tells us how to enjoy Copenhagen on a "budget".If thats possible? Do you agree with his list?And if you think he's missed something. Let us know-