Coping in Copenhagen

Three comedians walk into a studio in Copenhagen: An Irishman(Owen) an American (Abby) and a Dane (Marius). And they discuss what's going on in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia and the world.

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  • CiC: Denmark's unofficial national anthem

    On this Mondays episode. Mark Kelly, friend of the show and host of A Life in Dublin Podcast,joins us in the studio.To put Marius in the hot seat and learn what it's like to be Danish. Through three simple questions.The first one being, what is Denmark's unofficial national anthem?

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  • CiC Headlines: Bank fraud, Mink Money and Kim complaints

    On this Fridays show. Online bank fraud is on the rise and our very own Marius nearly fell for itMink farmers finally get a payout and its fur sure more they they expected. The new rejsekort app will be travelling with you wether you like it or not. And Kims crips are battling kid complaints.
  • CiC: Elevating Netto

    This week we put our collective minds together to solve a national issue. Netto's notoriously convoluted aisle system.Do our suggestions help Danes and Internationals alike?Let us know at
  • CiC Headlines: Street names, navy games and hygge change

    On this Friday's episode.There are questions about the future of wood burning stoves.But is it too hygge to ban?While Copenhagen is thinking about renaming pusher street, Germany legalises cannabis.And the Danish Navy announces some wins and fails on Twitter.
  • CiC: Easter break

    Hello folks. We're still on Easter break, but will be back with the news on Friday. In the meantime, here's a piece of one of our Patreon episodes. This month we were joined by comedian and friend of the show, Sofie Hagen. To support Coping in Copenhagen and gain access to exclusive content like this.Follow the link below.
  • CiC Chats: Planes, trains and bicycles

    As we wined down before the Easter break.Abby asks a simple question. "Wheres good for a day trip"And everything from Malmo to Maersk are discussed.
  • CiC Headlines: Death, happiness and turtles.

    On this Fridays show. We talk about some exotic animals washing up in our shores. And about how income and life expectancy are link in Denmark yet Danesover 60 are still the happiest in the world. Also if you've ever wanted a piece of memorable from Christiania, heres your chance!