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The Motherly Podcast

Ruth Veloria on How Working Moms Can Reach Beyond “Just a Job”

Season 16, Ep. 8

In this episode, Liz talks to Ruth Veloria, a mother of four and Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at the University of Phoenix. They discuss the first annual Mothers Overcome More (MOM) report, which the University of Phoenix launched in partnership with Motherly. The report studies the very specific barriers that moms face in building their careers. Ruth also talks about her own journey as a working mother, as well as the invaluable skills people gain through motherhood – and how they can use those skills to grow their careers.

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  • 4. LTK’s Amber Venz Box on the influencer economy and finding balance in motherhood

    Mom of four, Amber Venz Box, is the Co-Founder and President of LTK, an app that has revolutionized the online shopping industry by connecting brands and creators and helping creators monetize their businesses. In this conversation, Amber shares her thoughts on the future of the influencer economy, how she navigates motherhood and her career, and offers great style tips for busy moms.
  • 3. Amanda Seyfried on mothering with OCD and life on the farm

    In this episode, Amanda Seyfried – who is best known for her work on Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, and her Emmy Award-winning turn in the Dropout – opens up about how she manages her mental health as the mother of two, why she left the city for a more simple, grounded life on a farm, and why she started her new sustainable playhouse company, Make It Cute, with her two childhood best friends.
  • 2. Abha Bhattarai Unpacks the Childcare Crisis

    Abha Bhattarai is an economics reporter for the Washington Post, where she's been covering the economics of childcare. In this conversation, Abha and Liz talk about the current state of the childcare crisis in the United States, how the landscape of working motherhood has shifted since the pandemic, and what Abha sees as the future of mothers and work. Abha also shares how her background as the daughter of immigrants and her experiences as a working mother, have helped to shape how she sees and reports on the American economy.
  • 1. Dr. Aliza Pressman on the art and science of raising good humans

    Welcome back to the Motherly Podcast – to kick off this season, Liz speaks with Dr. Aliza Pressman, developmental psychologist, popular podcast, and mother of two teenagers. Aliza has a new book, The Five Principles of Parenting: Your Essential Guide to Raising Good Humans and in today’s conversation she covers some of the topics in the book – and dives deep into the culture of motherhood and martyrdom, why self-compassion is as important for your kids as for you, and when to rely on the science of parenting and when to trust your gut.
  • 9. Serenity Carr on Finding Wellness from What We Eat

    In this interview, Serenity Carr, the Founder and CEO of Serenity Kids, discusses how her journey into motherhood was interwoven with the founding of her baby food company. Inspired by her own process of healing lifelong ailments through dietary changes, Serenity and her co-founder husband, Joe, focus on nutrient-dense ingredients and protein, sourced from regenerative agriculture. She also discusses the importance of honoring natural rhythms, both in terms of seasonal cycles and personal well-being.
  • 7. Erin Andrews Talks Fertility Challenges, New Motherhood, and WEAR

     In this episode, Liz talks to renowned sportscaster and television personality, Erin Andrews. Erin talks all about her fertility journey and juggling the demands of new motherhood with her busy career. She also tells Liz about her new sports fan gear and fashion line just for women – and now babies! – called WEAR and why she started it.
  • 6. Revolutionizing Work for Moms: An interview with Allison Robinson of The Mom Project

    In this episode, Liz speaks with Allison Robinson, founder of The Mom Project, a digital talent platform designed to help moms reenter the workforce and also to connect them with flexible employment opportunities. In this conversation, they talk about Allison's personal journey with the complexities of working motherhood and her experience with burnout as a startup founder. She also speaks to everything her team is doing at The Mom Project to show employers the incredible business opportunities of working with and hiring mothers.
  • 5. Minna Dubin is confronting the unspoken truth about “Mom Rage”

    In this episode, Liz talks to Minna Dubin, about her new book, Mom Rage: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood. They discuss the unique psychological experience of mom rage, the guilt and shame that follows it, and Minna's personal journey to understanding her own rage. Finally, they dive into all the ways that modern society and unrealistic maternal expectations set mothers up for these cycles of anger and what we can do on an individual and social level to mitigate it.