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Ancient DNA part 2

In the last episode of Science Knights in the Morning, we were left with a daring question: Where did we come from? In this thrilling part 2 episode, host Conley Rasor and scientists Dr. Sean Graham, Dr. Thomas Shiller, and Dr. Anirban Bhattacharjee dive deeper into the world of Ancient DNA to seek answers. Has the missing link been in front of us the entire time? These answers and more in this Part 2 episode of Ancient DNA with the Science Knights!

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  • Hollow Earth and other Geological Myths

    Have you ever heard of the Hollow Earth theory or other geological misconceptions? Join us as we delve deep into these intriguing myths and explore how some pseudo-science has evolved into legitimate scientific inquiry.Unearthing the foundations of these myths, we discuss the Hollow Earth theory and other geological misconceptions that have captured the human imagination for centuries. From hollow Earths to subterranean realms, these ideas have sparked curiosity and sometimes even bafflement.However, as we venture further into our discussion, we reveal the incredible process by which pseudo-science can, in some instances, transform into validated scientific theory. You'll gain a profound understanding of the sheer dedication and meticulous work that scientists invest in turning hypotheses into rigorously tested theories.
  • India on the Moon

    Space exploration is no longer the bailiwick of NASA, Russia, or the European Space agency. Join Sean Graham, Thomas Shiller, and Anirban Bhattacharjee and host Conley Rasor as they discuss the electrifying new trend within astronomy: rockets are becoming smaller, cheaper, and better, allowing more countries to launch missions! India's Space Agency has leap frogged the competition to successfully landed their probe Chandrayaan-3 on the Lunar South Pole! The Knights discuss this and several other completely unrelated topics!
  • Mongolian Travel Logs

    Join the expedition as Dr. Sean Graham discusses his adventures in Mongolia. Conley and Sean go over everything from the travel, the flora and fauna, the laws, culture, people and so much more on this quest of an episode of Science Knights in the Morning!
  • Apex Defenders

    Join Dr. Sean Graham, Dr. Thomas Shiller and host Conley Rasor as they talk about the wonders of natural defense. Why should Apex Predators get all the glam?! From turtles, to porcupines (not to be confused with the noble hedgehog) the Knights explore the top animals in nature that defend the best!
  • Drilling into the Earth's Mantle

    Join the Science Knights as they embark into the Earth's mesmerizing depths! Dr. Thomas Shiller, Dr. Sean Graham, and Conley Rasor delve into the enigmatic ocean depths and to discuss the Challenger Deep expedition to the earth's mantle. Join the Knights as they try to unravel the mysteries of the Earth's mantle and gain a deeper understanding of the geological wonders that shape our planet. Find more episodes at
  • The Real Indiana Jones: Roy Chapman Andrews

    Join host Conley Rasor, Dr. Sean Graham and Dr. Thomas Shiller on "Science Knights in the Morning" as they explore the life and adventures of the real Indiana Jones, Roy Chapman Andrews. Discover the captivating tales of Andrews' expeditions and the profound impact he made in archaeology and paleontology. And even hear about fun adventures from Conley, Sean, and Thomas themselves. Stream on Spotify, Apple, or your preferred podcast platform, and find episodes online at Unearth the legend and embark on an adventure into the life of the real Indiana Jones.
  • Mimics in Nature and the Science of Deception

    Join biologist Dr. Sean Graham and host Conley Rasor on "Science Knights in the Morning" as they delve into the captivating world of mimicry in nature. Sean and Conley explore the science behind this evolutionary phenomenon and discuss intriguing examples such as plants mimicking rocks, snakes mimicking poisonous counterparts, and birds mimicking vocalizations, insects mimicking predators, and more.Dr. Sean Graham uncovers the mechanisms and evolutionary drivers behind mimicry. They delve into the intricate dance between predator and prey, survival and deception, while examining the scientific methodologies used to study mimicry in nature. Unravel the fascinating adaptations and cunning strategies employed by organisms to thrive in a complex and ever-evolving world in this deceptive episode of Science Knights in the Morning!
  • Artemis Missions

    In the latest episode of "Science Knights in the Morning," esteemed scientists Dr. Anirban Bhattacharjee and Dr. Sean Graham join host Conley Rasor to discuss the highly anticipated Artemis 2 mission. This mission marks a significant milestone in space exploration, as it will be the first manned mission to orbit the moon in over 50 years.The panel delves into the technical aspects of the mission, discussing the spacecraft, the launch vehicle, and the various scientific objectives of the mission. The Artemis 2 mission will last for 10 days and will be manned by four brave astronauts. The primary goal of the mission is to test the spacecraft's capabilities and ensure that it is ready for future manned missions to the moon and beyond.As the conversation progresses, the panelists explore the potential benefits of the Artemis 2 mission for science and technology. They discuss how the data collected during the mission could be used to advance our understanding of the moon's geology, atmosphere, and potential for future human habitation.Throughout the episode, Dr. Bhattacharjee and Dr. Graham share their expertise and insights, providing listeners with a fascinating look into the world of space exploration. Host Conley Rasor keeps the conversation engaging and lively, asking thoughtful questions and keeping the discussion on track.Overall, this episode of "Science Knights in the Morning" is a must-listen for anyone interested in the exciting world of space exploration. With the Artemis 2 mission just around the corner, the insights and knowledge shared by the panelists are sure to pique your interest and leave you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in our exploration of the cosmos.