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Charles I and Parliament: A Historical Perspective with Mark Turnbull

Season 10, Ep. 4

In this episode, we travel back to the opulent and turbulent 17th Century with Author and Historian Mark Turnbull. Mark passionately argues that Charles I genuinely sought to negotiate with Parliament. Explore the offers made by Charles, the flexibility of his red lines, and the challenging position in which he found himself during this pivotal period in history.

  • Step back in time to the 17th Century with Author and Historian Mark Turnbull.
  • Mark sheds light on Charles I's genuine efforts to negotiate with Parliament.
  • An exploration of the offers presented by Charles and the limited nature of his red lines.
  • Delve into the complexities of the 17th Century, uncovering the challenging position Charles I faced during this transformative era.
  • Join us as we revisit history and reassess the relationship between Charles I and Parliament.

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  • Gloucester History Festival Special #6 - Lady Jane Grey and Other Gloucester Ghost Stories with Phil Moss and Andrew Armstrong

    Step into the labyrinth of Gloucester's past with History Rage's latest live special from the heart of the Gloucester History Festival at Blackfriars Priory. Join host Paul Bavill as he unravels the city's rich tapestry with historian Phil Moss and archaeologist Andrew Armstrong, co-authors of "Gloucester: Recreating the Past."Unearthing Gloucester's Foundations- Phil and Andrew share their unique journey from illustrating ancient structures to piecing together Gloucester's storied landscape.- Dive into the Roman roots of Gloucester and its transformation from imperial outpost to a city steeped in English history.Tunnel Vision- The duo debunks the persistent myth of Gloucester's secret underground tunnels, revealing the truth behind these urban legends.- Discover why these tales persist and how they become intertwined with the city's identity, despite the lack of historical evidence.Local History, National Impact- A passionate defense of local history's importance, showcasing how Gloucester's local events have shaped national narratives.- From the Siege of Gloucester's pivotal role in the English Civil War to Athelflaed's strategic use of the city to reclaim England from the Danes.Historical Misconceptions- The episode tackles the enduring myths surrounding Lady Jane Grey's proclamation and Bishop John Hooper's fateful lodgings.- Listen as Phil and Andrew dissect how such stories take root and the challenge of correcting the historical record.Digging Deeper- Insights into the primary sources that illuminate Gloucester's history and their accessibility to researchers and the public.- Andrew, as a curatorial archaeologist, emphasizes the untapped potential lying beneath Gloucester's streets, awaiting discovery.Why Gloucester Matters- The speakers make a compelling case for visiting the Gloucester History Festival and exploring the city's museums and historic docks.- Gloucester is presented as a microcosm of England's past, a place where the local and global intersect to tell a broader story.Join us for a session that digs past the surface to expose the foundations of Gloucester's history, challenging misconceptions and celebrating the city's significance. To connect with the minds behind the myths, follow Phil and Andrew on Twitter and grab a copy of their visually rich book. For more episodes that excavate the rage-worthy tales of history, follow @historyrage and become part of our passionate community at, beneath every stone lies a story, and in Gloucester, the stones speak volumes. Stay curious, and keep the rage for history alive!
  • Gloucester History Festival Special #5 - Tudor Truths: Unmasking Anne Boleyn's Hidden French History with Dr. Estelle Paranque

    **LANGUAGE WARNING** This gets blue... or bleuUnleash the fury of the past in this live special of History Rage, broadcast from the enchanting Blackfriars Priory at the Gloucester History Festival. Host Paul Bavill is joined by the fiercely passionate Tudor historian, Dr. Estelle Paranque, as they delve into the untold life of Anne Boleyn, far beyond her infamous role as Henry VIII's doomed queen.The Anne Boleyn You Never Knew:- Dr. Paranque shatters the image of Anne Boleyn as merely Henry's wife, revealing her as an independent, fiery individual with a rich life before and beyond the king.- The significance of Boleyn's seven transformative years at the French court and her exposure to the powerful women who shaped her ambitions.The French Influence:- How Anne's time in France sculpted her cultural interests and political acumen, setting the stage for her eventual rise to Queen of England.- The complex dance of diplomacy and betrayal as French support for Anne wavered in the face of her eventual downfall.A Miscarriage of Justice:- A heart-wrenching recount of Anne Boleyn's trial, the absurd allegations against her, and her stoic defense of the innocent men caught in the king's wrath.- Dr. Paranque's emotional journey through the archives, uncovering the humanity and resilience of a queen too often reduced to a mere footnote in Henry's reign.Join us as Dr. Paranque fervently advocates for a re-examination of Anne Boleyn's life, urging us to see the queen for her own merits, not just as an appendage to a tyrannical king. To dive deeper into Tudor history, grab Dr. Paranque's latest book, "Thorns, Lust, and Glory," releasing on May 2nd, and follow her on Twitter @DrEstellePrnq for more insights.And remember, History Rage fans, to stay connected for more fiery historical revelations. Support us on Patreon for early episode access, prize draws, and your very own History Rage mug. Stay angry, and see you at the next live event!
  • 6. Napoleon's Generals: The Men Behind the Myth with John Viscardo

    Introduction: Explore the shadows of history in this episode with John Viscardo, host of the Generals and Napoleon podcast. Learn about Napoleon's generals and their overlooked contributions during this transformative era. Show Notes:Rise of Napoleon's Generals:·        Origins and backgrounds of Napoleon's generals.·        Challenges faced and factors leading to prominence. Key Battles and Strategies:·        Victories and disasters at Russia and Waterloo.·        Impact of Napoleon's decisions and marshal strategies. Individual Profiles:·        Marshal Mura's betrayal, Marmont's surrender, and fate of Marshal Bertier.·        Dynamics among top commanders and consequences. Post-Waterloo Era:·        Generals' paths after Napoleon's fall.·        Intriguing encounter between adversaries. Challenges of Historical Perception:·        Imbalance in historical narratives.·        Role of marketing and Napoleon's memoirs. Increasing Generals' Profile:·        Need for scholarly research on generals' lives and battles.·        The role of podcasts like Generals in Napoleon.Conclusion: Gain insights into the lives of Napoleon's generals and understand their nuanced contributions. Unravel forgotten stories and their impact on history.Connect with John and Generals in Napoleon:Podcast: Generals and NapoleonTwitter: @AndNapoleonStay Connected with History Rage:Twitter: @historyrageIndividual Hosts: @PaulBavillSupport History Rage on Patreon:PatreonThank you for joining us on this historical journey. Remember to leave your reviews on Apple, Podchaser, or Amazon, and stay angry until the next episode!
  • Gloucester History Festival Special #4 - Elizabeth Unspiteful: Challenging the Jealous Queen Myth with Susan Doran

    Step back into the regal world of the Tudors and beyond as we ignite a scholarly inferno in this live special of History Rage, straight from the Gloucester History Festival's grandeur at Blackfriars Priory. Host Paul Bavill welcomes the formidable Oxford professor of history and author, Susan Doran, to dissect the venomous myths surrounding Queen Elizabeth I's so-called 'spiteful' nature. Prepare to have your perceptions royally challenged!The Elizabethan Enigma:- Susan Doran skewers the misogynistic labelling of Elizabeth I as 'spiteful' and 'jealous', particularly towards her cousins and ladies-in-waiting, arguing for a deeper understanding of the queen's actions, untainted by gender bias.- A historical dissection of the fates of Catherine and Mary Grey, revealing the complex blend of personal betrayal and political necessity that shaped their harsh treatment by Elizabeth.The Ladies of the Court:- A glimpse into the life and duties of the queen's attendants, debunking the notion of their roles as mere servitude, and highlighting the honour, political leverage, and matrimonial opportunities that came with being a lady of the bedchamber.- An exploration of the intricate relationships between Elizabeth and her trusted confidantes like Blanche Parry and Catherine Ashley, and how the queen navigated the delicate balance of affection and authority.The Courtly Chessboard:- Susan unravels the intricate tapestry of court rivalries and Elizabeth's strategic prowess in maintaining control, without resorting to spite or malice.- A critique of the portrayal of Elizabeth as a flirtatious monarch, manipulating her suitors, and an impassioned plea for a re-evaluation of her decision-making as circumspect rather than indecisive.A Historian's Crusade- Doran calls out the persistence of Elizabethan myths perpetuated by both historical works and pop culture, urging a renaissance in understanding that appreciates the queen's actions through the lens of her kingly rather than feminine attributes.Join us as Susan Doran fervently refutes the fabricated image of a petty and envious Elizabeth I, advocating for a narrative stripped of sexism and rich with the complexities of a monarch who navigated her reign with the heart and stomach of a king.To delve into the Tudor-Stuart transition with Susan Doran's "From Tudor to Stuart" and her other esteemed works, follow her on Twitter @SueDoran26898513. Engage with us using #HistoryRage, and for the devoted history enthusiasts, visit to join our 'Angry Mob' for exclusive content and the prized History Rage mug.
  • Beyond the Gates: The Misrepresented Reality of Titanic's Third Class with Gareth Russell

    **EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNNIG**In this fiery installment of History Rage, we plunge into the icy waters of truth surrounding the Titanic disaster. Our esteemed guest, historian and author Gareth Russell, returns to dismantle the enduring myth that third-class passengers were locked below decks as the ship sank. With his book "Ship of Dreams" as a backdrop, Gareth passionately argues that mundane decisions and everyday complacency, rather than malicious intent, contributed to the tragedy's disproportionate impact on those in third class.Key Points Discussed:- The myth of third-class passengers being locked below and its origins.- Architectural design and immigration laws affecting third-class passenger mobility.- The role of language barriers and lack of urgency from the crew during evacuation.- The tragic fate of the Titanic's stokers and their overlooked contribution.- Gareth's critique of the portrayal of third-class passengers and workers in popular media.- A call to recognize the ordinary as a potential catalyst for extraordinary consequences.For a deeper dive into the Titanic's history, Gareth Russell's "Ship of Dreams" is available in the History Rage Bookshop. Follow Gareth on Twitter for his insights into Tudor history and upcoming works on James I. Join the conversation using the hashtag #HistoryRage and become part of our 'Angry Mob' on Patreon for exclusive early access to episodes, participation in Q&As, prize draws, and the coveted History Rage mug.
  • Gloucester History Festival Special #3 - The King Lives? Debating Edward II's Death with Ian Mortimer

    Prepare to have your historical compass recalibrated as we delve into the shadowy labyrinth of medieval politics and unravel a mystery that has perplexed scholars for centuries. In this electrifying episode of History Rage, we're broadcasting live from the Gloucester History Festival, where host Paul Bavill is joined by the esteemed historian and author, Ian Mortimer, a man whose expertise has time-travelled through the corridors of the past, bringing light to the darkest corners of history.The King's Survival:- Ian Mortimer challenges the long-held belief that King Edward II met his gruesome end at Berkeley Castle in 1327, a narrative that has been etched into the stone of history, but perhaps is built on foundations of sand.- Mortimer, armed with his razor-sharp analysis and relentless pursuit of evidence, slices through the tapestry of deception to reveal a startling alternative history.The Berkeley Castle Conundrum:- The traditional tale of Edward II's demise is dissected, exposing the inconsistencies and outright fabrications that have been accepted as fact.- Mortimer presents a compelling argument that not only questions the king's supposed death but also suggests a life beyond the castle walls, one that history has refused to acknowledge.The Fieschi Letter and Beyond:- A deep dive into the Fieschi Letter, an overlooked document that may hold the key to understanding Edward II's fate, suggesting a narrative filled with clandestine imprisonment, daring escapes, and royal subterfuge.- Ian traces the exiled monarch's journey from the depths of Corfe Castle's dungeon to the intriguing possibility of a secret life under the protection of powerful Italian allies.The Academic Backlash:- Ian shares his experiences of challenging the status quo, facing the cold front of academic resistance, and the struggle to have his groundbreaking findings recognized amidst a storm of skepticism.A Truth Rediscovered:- This episode is not just a quest for the truth about a medieval monarch; it's an exploration of the very nature of historical understanding and the responsibility of historians to distinguish fact from fiction.Join us as Ian Mortimer ignites the flames of historical inquiry and dares us to question everything we thought we knew about Edward II. This is not just an episode; it's a call to arms for truth-seekers and history enthusiasts alike.To dive deeper into Ian Mortimer's work, grab a copy of his latest book, "Medieval Horizons: Why the Middle Ages Matter," or any of his acclaimed Time Traveller's Guides, including the revelatory "Medieval Intrigue."For those who thirst for historical vindication, follow @HistoryRage on Twitter and join our Patreon at for exclusive content, including early episode access, prize draws, and the illustrious History Rage mug. Stay tuned, stay informed, and let the rage for truth burn bright!
  • Gloucester History Festival Special #2 - Shakespeare Unshackled: Debunking the Bard's Identity Crisis with Michael Wood

    Embark on a tempestuous voyage through the turbulent waves of literary history as we confront the enduring tempest of the Shakespeare authorship controversy. In this fiery episode of History Rage, we're broadcasting live from the Gloucester History Festival, where host Paul Bavill is joined by the renowned historian, broadcaster, and author, Michael Wood. Together, they set sail to dismantle the conspiracy-laden waters that question the Bard's very pen.The Bard's Battle:- Michael Wood expresses his simmering frustration with the theory that William Shakespeare did not author his own works, confronting the classist undertones fueling this persistent myth.- An examination of the education and environment that shaped Shakespeare, highlighting the robustness of Elizabethan grammar schools and the Bard's voracious appetite for reading.The Conspiracy Castaways:- A critical look at the main contenders championed by authorship skeptics: the Earl of Oxford and Francis Bacon, revealing the absurdity of their claims through historical evidence and linguistic analysis.- Wood debunks the Oxfordian theory with its timeline troubles and the Baconian hypothesis with its linguistic lunacy, proving both to be more fiction than fact.The Authenticity Anchor:- A defense of primary sources as the bedrock of historical understanding, emphasizing the importance of contemporary, corroborated evidence in validating Shakespeare's authorship.- Wood calls upon the historical documents that anchor Shakespeare to Stratford-upon-Avon, his acting troupe, and his literary legacy, challenging any who dare to drift from these truths.The True Treasure:- While acknowledging the genuine mysteries of Shakespeare's life, Wood advocates for a focus on the fascinating unknowns rather than the fabricated falsehoods.- A personal reflection on the allure of the Bard's enigmatic history and a yearning to uncover the untold tales of his formative years.Join us for a tempest of truth as Michael Wood passionately defends the Bard from the slings and arrows of outrageous skepticism. Dive into the depths of literary history and emerge with a renewed appreciation for the man from Stratford-upon-Avon. Follow @MichaelWoodMV on Twitter to keep up with his scholarly pursuits, and don't forget to grab a copy of his latest work, "In the Footsteps of Dufu," to witness history through the eyes of China's cherished poet.To stay enraged with more historical revelations, follow @HistoryRage on Twitter and support us on Patreon at for early access to episodes, prize draws, and the coveted History Rage mug. Stay tuned, stay informed, and above all, stay angry!
  • Gloucester History Festival Special #1 - Korea: The Forgotten War

    Prepare for a riveting journey through the fog of forgotten conflict as we revisit the chilling and overlooked saga of the Korean War. In this explosive episode of History Rage, we're broadcasting live from the Gloucester History Festival, where host Paul Bavill and special guest Matthew Holden, the Director of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, join forces to combat the public's historical amnesia.The Korean War Unveiled:- Matthew Holden sheds light on the Korean War, revealing the staggering scale of the conflict and its status as the bloodiest post-war engagement, overshadowed by its predecessors and successors.- A deep dive into the Gloucestershire Regiment's harrowing experiences, from the brutal Battle of Imjin River to the harrowing tales of captivity and resilience.The Forgotten Heroes:- A tribute to the unsung regiments that stood alongside the Glosters, including the Royal Ulster Rifles and Northumberland Fusiliers, whose valorous deeds have been eclipsed by the limelight of the "Glorious Glosters."- Unearth the raw, unfiltered accounts of the soldiers, transcending the polished narratives often found in regimental histories, and embracing the human element of war.The Ghost of War:- An exploration of the societal war-weariness that led to the Korean War's relegation in the annals of history and the indifference that greeted returning heroes.- The haunting parallels and stark contrasts between the Korean War and other conflicts, from Vietnam to Ukraine, and the unique nature of each battle's legacy.Guardians of Memory:- Discover how the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum is preserving the personal stories of Korean War veterans, ensuring that their voices echo throughout history.- A call to action for the public to recognize the sacrifices made in this "forgotten war" and to give the Korean War its rightful place in our collective memory.Don't miss this powerful episode, where history's rage ignites a flame of remembrance for the Korean War. Be sure to visit the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, follow @SoldiersOfGlos on Twitter, and support History Rage on Patreon for exclusive content and the legendary History Rage mug. Stay tuned and stay enraged!Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • 5. Plunder on the High Seas: A Condensed History of Pirates with Jem Duducu

    This week we dive into the thrilling world of piracy with special guest, author and podcaster Jem Duducu on this episode of History Rage. Jem, an expert in history and author of captivating books, provides fascinating insights into the diverse realms of piracy, from the Caribbean to the Barbary Corsairs.Introduction to Pirate Legends:Jem introduces the world of piracy, debunking myths and exploring the historical realities behind pirate legends.The conversation touches on the notorious pirate Anne Bonny and the challenges of researching historical pirates.Anne Bonny's Story:Anne Bonny's unconventional life, from piracy to running bars and brothels, is discussed.The hosts reflect on the limited representation of women in positions of strength in historical narratives and propose the idea of a Disney movie about Anne Bonny.Factors Driving People to Become Pirates:The discussion shifts to the motivations and circumstances that lead individuals to become pirates.Insights into historical contexts, such as the power vacuum during the golden age of piracy, and modern examples like Somali pirates, highlight the desperation that drives people to piracy.Comparing Pirate Cultures:Various pirate cultures, including Islamic piracy, Caribbean piracy, Barbary piracy, and Viking piracy, are explored.Cultural and strategic differences among pirates are discussed, such as the Barbary corsairs' focus on slavery and the Chinese pirate's hierarchical structure.Enduring Fascination with Pirates:The hosts explore the enduring fascination with pirates in popular culture, referencing movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.Jem Duducu recounts Hollywood's past struggles with pirate-themed movies and the unexpected success of Pirates of the Caribbean.Pirates or Ninjas:The hosts end the discussion with a playful question: Pirates or Ninjas? Jem unequivocally declares his preference for ninjas and shares a fascinating historical anecdote about a pirate who became Pope John XXIII.You can, and should, read Jem’s book “Hollywood and History: What the Movies Get Wrong from the Ancient Greeks to Vietnam” which you can buy from the History Rage Bookshop and you can follow him on Twitter @JemDuducu and you can listen to the Condensed Histories Podcast here or wherever you found us.Follow History Rage on Twitter @HistoryRage and join the conversation using the hashtag #HistoryRage.Become a part of our 'Angry Mob' on Patreon. For just £5 per month, you get episodes 3 months early, a chance to ask questions, entry into our prize draws, and the coveted History Rage mug.