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This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Stéphane Deschênes - August 8, 2023

Season 1, Ep. 45

Today, it's "El Presidente" – the president of the International Naturist Federation (INF), Stéphane Deschênes. Stéphane is also the owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. David and he begin by discussing an imaginary company called Lebb Media. They then dive into mixed-up ideas of masculinity and capitalism, and things get political. Afterwards, they have a conversation about the "dark side" of naturism and the bad actors he has encountered over the years. David shares an anecdote about a family attempting to smuggle naked photos of him across the border. Stéphane opens up about his suspension from Twitter and sheds light on the "nudniks" and vigilante groups who oppose naturist parks. Lastly, Stéphane finally tells David a little bit about the INF and being president.

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  • 6. The Little Voyager That Could - April 16, 2024

    After the story of the day (Snap! Crackle! Pop!) and a fungus-based voicemail from "Stephanie," David interviews technology expert Carmi Levy about how NASA may have a fix for the deep space Voyager I probe, and a proposed time standard for the moon. Then, it's why "chosen family" is so important to millennials and Gen Z with cultural historian and author Ainsley Hawthorn.
  • 5. Flat Earthers - April 15, 2024

    Conspiracy Theory expert Dr. Lee Kuhnle, host of The Uncover Up Conspiracy Cast, answers the question: what can we learn from flat earthers? The surprising answer, turns out to be a playbook for bridging divides between two very opposite groups of people.
  • 4. 45 Reasons to Dump a Man - April 12, 2024

    After an abridged telling of the offbeat stories of the day, David interviews San Francisco-based comedian Natasha Vinik about her recent break up and how she'll be playing in the Netflix is a Joke festival in May. Then, David confesses to therapist and social worker Gary Direnfeld how long it's been since he's been to the dentist.
  • 3. Florida Man's Asteroid & Abiogenesis - April 11, 2024

    It's the Thursday science, technology and biology special on This Is Going Well, I Think. After sharing some of the offbeat stories of the day, David interviews science educator Dan Riskin about what happened on Monday's eclipse. Dan shares a tale of space trash that landed in a Florida Man's home. Then, it's chemistry professor Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy sharing his research on how life could have started on earth – abiogenesis. Finally, it's technology expert Carmi Levy on how Apple is adopting modern text messaging for all. (We'll probably discuss AI too.)
  • 2. Tim Tam Clam Etiquette - April 9, 2024

    It's interview extravaganza on This Is Going Well, I Think, where David has a number between four and six guests.Etiquette expert Myka Meier goes over a return to the office, and whether Gen-Zs are adequately prepared;Food and comedy writer Dennis Lee talks about his recent food combination abomination;British Tony Five and David play stupid games;Technology expert Carmi Levy discusses some of the tech stories of the day including how the first person to receive a neuralink says it lets him play a video game;Social worker Gary Direnfeld joins David for Therapy Thursday on a Tuesday to answer the question: When is an affair, an affair?
  • 1. April Fools - April 1, 2024

    It's the debut of Season 2 of This Is Going Well, I Think... now with more "radio-like" content! After an April Fools introduction, David mentions a couple news stories of the day – stupid and serious. Then, it's science expert Dan Riskin to answer the question: Can you look at a solar eclipse? Dan explains some science that suggests male same-sex couples may soon be able to have kids. After that, David takes phone calls about people's pet peeves. What?! Phone calls on a podcast?! How does that work? Following that, Tony Five and David tell their origin story and Tony goes off about James Bond or something. Finally, it's professor Tina Fetner to settle a debate: do feminists have better sex?
  • Season 2 Teaser

    Coming on April 1 is Season 2 of This Is Going Well, I Think!
  • 126. Tony Five - March 8, 2024

    The very British, very excitable Tony Five joins David on This Is Going Well, I Think. Tony wonders how David would fare in prison. David talks about being Jewish. (Shocker on that one!) The two discuss Trump and Biden. David shares about his recent trip to Florida, and Tony tells us about his recent trip to Portugal.
  • 125. Dan Riskin - March 5, 2024

    Science expert Dan Riskin sits in on This Is Going Well, I Think and bursts with enthusiasm about the indirect way an invasive ant forced lions to change their diet. Then Dan shares how cave people used a woolly mammoth tusk tool to make rope. David derails with a question about penises that sting, which leads to Dan explaining the horrifying mating habits of the bedbug. Dan goes over a list of all the things in nature that can stab you. David asks about narwhals. And finally, Dan tells a horrifying story he plans on telling a bunch of kids.