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Flooring is NOT all Grim! with Simon Grimley

Season 2, Ep. 112

In this eye-opening episode of the UK Flooring Podcast, we sit down with Simon Grimley, the Managing Director of Grimley Flooring. Simon shares his captivating journey from early career failures to becoming a leader in the flooring industry. This episode is packed with invaluable insights on business growth, industry challenges, and the importance of resilience and adaptability.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Family Legacy in Flooring: Simon recounts the history of Grimley Flooring, starting with his grandfather in the 1930s and how this legacy influenced his career path.
  2. Early Career Struggles: Simon opens up about his initial failures due to overconfidence and lack of proper business strategy, and how these experiences shaped his professional outlook.
  3. Relaunch and Growth: Discover how Simon relaunched Grimley Flooring in 2020 and navigated the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, turning it into a period of significant growth.
  4. Industry Insights: Gain an understanding of the current state of the flooring industry, the impact of pricing and competition, and the role of professional organizations like the NICF.
  5. Business Strategies: Learn about Simon's approach to customer engagement, marketing, and maintaining high service standards to stand out in a competitive market.
  6. Future of Flooring: Simon shares his thoughts on the future of the flooring industry, including the role of AI and technology in transforming business operations.
Memorable Quotes:
  • "Ego is what went wrong. I believed that I was special and different, and with hindsight, I can say I wasn't."
  • "Running a business isn't just putting a quick post on Facebook and the work floods in. More people need business knowledge rather than just being good at what they do."
  • "The best advice I ever heard was, 'Don't put my wallet in a customer's pocket.'"
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  • 120. Do You Have the Worst Flooring Showroom in the UK? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

    On this week’s episode of The UK Flooring Podcast, Tom and Sarah dive into the dos and don'ts of presenting your flooring showroom. Learn from their experiences and expert advice to ensure your showroom attracts and retains customers.Key Discussion Points:First Impressions Matter:Importance of a clean, organised, and inviting shopfront.Ensuring clear signage, clean windows, and appropriate lighting.Customer Journey:Creating a clear and navigable layout inside the store.Ensuring customers can easily find and browse products without clutter.Engaging Customers:Effective ways to greet customers and start conversations.Offering refreshments and creating a comfortable environment.Showroom Layout Tips:Grouping related items together for easy navigation.Utilising space effectively and keeping high-margin items at eye level.Point of Sale and Displays:Making use of point-of-sale displays and ensuring they are visually appealing.The debate on debranding versus branded displays.Technology and Visualisation:The importance of room visualisation tools and how they can enhance customer experience.Utilising QR codes for product information and pricing.Lean Operations:Tips on running a lean business, especially during challenging economic times.Importance of decluttering and only keeping essential, profitable products.Memorable Quotes:"First impressions mean everything. You have 30 seconds to impress a customer or lose them.""Customer experience first, before price. A great experience can justify a higher price."Additional Tips:Mobile Showrooms:Creating an effective mobile showroom with larger samples to provide a comprehensive on-site experience.Sample Management:Best practices for managing and presenting samples to clients.Subscribe & Share:Don’t forget to subscribe to The UK Flooring Podcast for more expert advice and industry insights. Share this episode with your colleagues and friends to help them improve their flooring showrooms.
  • 119. Is Floating Wood Flooring Mis-Selling?

    In this week’s episode of The UK Flooring Podcast, Tom sits down with Mike Reiffer, the owner of Wood Flooring Specialist Co. Mike, a high-end wood flooring contractor with 15 years of experience, discusses the intricacies of the wood flooring industry, the potential mis-selling of floating wood floors, and what makes his approach to flooring unique and reliable.Key Discussion Points:Introduction to Mike Reiffer:Mike's journey from working as a carpenter to owning his own wood flooring business in South Wales.His background, including his apprenticeship and initial jobs in the industry.Starting the Business:How Mike transitioned from working for others to establishing Wood Flooring Specialist Co.The decision to focus on flooring due to its straightforward nature compared to other carpentry work.Current Business Overview:Wood Flooring Specialist Co. offers floor restoration and new floor installations, particularly parquet flooring.The importance of thorough communication with clients and showcasing current work to potential customers.Challenges in the Industry:Managing a high turnover of jobs and the preference for larger projects.The difficulties of maintaining a balance between work and administrative tasks, especially with ADHD.The Mis-Selling of Floating Wood Floors:Why Mike believes floating wood floors are often mis-sold as a "forever floor."The issues associated with floating floors, including lack of durability and the challenges in refinishing them.Advice and Insights:The best advice Mike received: distinguishing between taking things personally and professionally.His advice for newcomers to the industry: persistence and understanding that competition may not be as formidable as it seems.Future Plans:Expanding into the new build market with 0% finance options for customers.Increasing social media presence to better showcase work and educate potential clients.Memorable Quotes:"If someone's floated a floor for you and they've told you it's a forever floor, you've been mis-sold.""Your competition's not as good as you think it is."Guest Information:Mike ReifferLinkedIn: Mike Reiffer aka Wood Floor SpecialistBusiness Website: Wood Flooring SpecialistSocial Media: @woodfloorspecialistAdditional Resources:Fit Box: Mentioned by Tom for underfloor heating jobs, visit for more information.Don’t forget to subscribe to The UK Flooring Podcast for more insights and expert advice from leaders in the flooring industry. Share this episode with your friends and colleagues to spread the knowledge!
  • 118. When Growth is the Only Answer!

    In this episode of The UK Flooring Podcast, Tom sits down with Jason Lister and Dave Crosby from ATS, a leading flooring contractor in Scotland. They discuss the journey of ATS from its humble beginnings to becoming a major player in the industry, their recent partnership with Energy Store, and their vision for the future. This episode is packed with insights on business growth, maintaining quality, and the importance of integrity in business.Key Points:Introduction:Jason Lister and Dave Crosby introduce themselves and their roles at ATS.Jason shares his story of starting ATS in 2005 after being made redundant, purchasing a van with his redundancy money, and hitting the ground running.What ATS Does:Dave explains ATS as a floor zone contractor, covering insulation, underfloor heating, screeds, and resin flooring.They work with high-end clients and projects across Scotland.Significant Projects:Jason highlights some of their proudest projects, including work on the Johnny Walker Whisky Experience on Princess Street.Challenges in the Flooring Industry:Dave discusses the challenges of managing client expectations, especially with resin coatings and the trend towards thinner, less durable finishes.Growth and Expansion:Jason and Dave talk about the company's significant growth and their recent partnership with Energy Store.They emphasize the importance of hiring the right people and maintaining quality as they expand.Future Plans:They share their ambitious goal of reaching a £20 million turnover in the next five years, with potential for even greater growth.Advice and Insights:Jason reflects on the best and worst advice he's received, highlighting the importance of integrity and the pitfalls of fearing growth.Dave shares advice from his business coach about leaning into conflict and maintaining integrity.Personal Insights:The hosts share personal reflections on what drives them and how they maintain balance and perspective in a demanding industry.Notable Quotes:Jason Lister: "Growth is not something that we’ve tried hard to achieve; it’s just happened naturally because of the team and infrastructure we have."Dave Crosby: "One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to lean into conflict and deal with problems head-on."Contact and Follow ATS:Website: ATS ScreedingLinkedIn: ATS Screeding on LinkedInAbout ATS:ATS, or Advanced Traditional Screeding, is a leading floor zone contractor based in Scotland. They specialise in insulation, underfloor heating, various screeding methods, and resin flooring solutions, catering to both small projects and large commercial undertakings.
  • 117. Members Question Time

    In this week's episode of The UK Flooring Podcast, Tom and Sarah Cockrell sit down to address the burning questions sent in by their listeners. This engaging Q&A session delves into the challenges and triumphs faced by flooring professionals and provides valuable insights into the flooring industry.Key Discussion Points:Current Status at Cockrell and Co:Overview of recent activities and events.Introduction of new staff members Helen (Administration) and Martin (Product Sourcing).Upcoming Events:MN Floor Training's Charity Day.Quarterly Member Event with a BBQ.Attendance at the Birmingham NEC Installer Show.Listener Questions:Transition from Operator to Owner:Strategies for delegating and leading a team.Importance of creating processes and training programs.Personal experiences and tips for stepping back from daily operations.Building Empathy and Staff Morale:Techniques for showing appreciation and improving team communication.Balancing personal and professional life for better leadership.Managing Costs and Setting Rates:Factors influencing fitting rates across different regions and job types.Importance of financial planning and strategic pricing.Adopting New Product Categories:Steps for learning and integrating new products.Effective marketing strategies to promote new offerings.Handling Overwhelm:Tips for managing stress and workload.Personal well-being practices to maintain productivity.Future Trends in Wood Flooring:Discussion on the popularity of herringbone flooring.Insight into changing styles and consumer preferences.Personal Insights:Tom and Sarah share their motivations and challenges in running their business.Reflections on achieving work-life harmony and setting personal goals.Notable Quotes:"Building an exceptional team and putting processes in place is crucial for transitioning from an operator to an owner.""Empathy is about listening and understanding, not just feeling sorry for someone.""Effective time management and setting clear boundaries are key to balancing work and family life."Final Thoughts:Tom and Sarah encourage listeners to ask for help when needed and to take actionable steps towards their business goals. They also express their commitment to bringing valuable content and insights to the flooring community through their podcast.
  • 116. Magaluf Madness to Multi-Million Pound Success

    This week on The UK Flooring Podcast, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Jo Sedgley from Sedgley Flooring Solutions Ltd. Join us as we journey from his wild days in Magaluf to building a thriving multi-million-pound flooring business.Early Beginnings:Joseph’s start in flooring straight out of school in 1993.How knocking on the door of a local flooring business changed his life.Magaluf Adventures:Three wild years in Magaluf and how those experiences influenced his life and business relationships.The transition back to the UK and the early stages of his career.Climbing the Career Ladder:Working with top teams and major companies like John Abbotts.The impact of key mentors and colleagues on his professional development.Building Sedgley Flooring Solutions Ltd:The challenges of starting a business from scratch in 2014.The evolution from working out of a garage to running a successful enterprise.The pivotal moments and key partnerships that facilitated growth.Management and Team Building:Joseph’s approach to leadership and maintaining loyalty within his team.The importance of a balanced mix of subcontractors and full-time employees.Major Projects and Achievements:Highlights of significant projects, including the Proton Beam project at Christie Hospital.How Sedgley Flooring Solutions Ltd navigates large-scale contracts and delivers excellence.Personal Insights and Future Plans:Joseph’s reflections on balancing work and personal life.His vision for retirement and future travel plans.Memorable Quotes:"If you can't pay the lads, you ain't gonna get the job done.""Losing your rag solves nothing."Guest Information:Joseph SedgleyLinkedIn: Joseph SedgleyDon’t forget to subscribe to The UK Flooring Podcast for more inspiring stories and expert advice from leaders in the flooring industry. Share this episode with your friends and colleagues to spread the knowledge!
  • 115. The Names Bond...Floor Bond

    In this thrilling episode of The UK Farm Podcast, host Tom sits down with Andrew James, of Floor Bond. Together, they delve into the revolutionary world of flooring installation with a focus on Floor Bond’s cutting-edge double-sided tape that is changing the game. This tape isn’t just any adhesive – it’s a super permanent, weather-resistant, and temperature-resistant solution that outperforms traditional glue in every aspect.Episode Highlights:Introduction to Floor Bond: Learn about the innovative double-sided tape designed for sheet vinyl flooring and carpet tiles that offers a stronger bond than glue.Andrew James’ Background: Discover Andrew’s journey from his father’s packaging supply company to leading Floor Bond, and the evolution from packaging to specialty tapes.Product Development: Understand the meticulous process of bringing manufacturing in-house, from compounding adhesives to coating and packaging.Manufacturing Insight: A peek into Floor Bond’s production facility outside Indianapolis, leveraging cutting-edge robotics for efficiency.Unique Selling Points: Explore what sets Floor Bond apart from competitors, including its superior adhesive strength and resilience in various conditions.Market Challenges and Growth: Discussion on overcoming market resistance, shifting contractor mindsets, and the strategy to penetrate the DIY and retail markets.Global Expansion: Insights on Floor Bond’s international shipping capabilities, making it accessible to customers in Europe and beyond.Customer Testimonials: Hear about successful applications in challenging environments like commercial spaces with high foot traffic and extreme temperatures.Future Prospects: Floor Bond's vision for the future, focusing on becoming a trusted name in the industry and exploring new product applications.About the Guest:Andrew James is the innovative mind behind of Floor Bond, a company revolutionising flooring installation with their unique double-sided tape. With a background rooted in a family business and a passion for simplifying processes, Andrew has steered Floor Bond to impressive heights within just a couple of years. His dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the superior performance of Floor Bond’s products.Key Quotes:“Floor Bond bonds stronger than glue, making it a game-changer in the flooring industry.”“Our tape is designed to be completely weather and temperature resistant, perfect for both interior and exterior applications.”“We’re offering contractors and DIYers a solution that’s not only faster but also more reliable than traditional adhesives.”Make sure to subscribe to The UK Flooring Podcast for more insightful episodes, and join us next time as we continue to explore innovations and stories from across the flooring industry.
  • 114. Leadership in the Flooring Industry

    Tom sits down with David Wilkinson for the THIRD time!, a renowned performance coach who specializes in helping individuals and teams reach their full potential. David shares invaluable insights on leadership, team building, and the importance of hiring based on core values and attitude rather than just skillsets. Whether you’re leading a small team or a large organization, this episode is packed with golden nuggets to help you become a more effective leader and foster a thriving team culture.Guest Bio:David WilkinsonPerformance Coach @Cockerill and CoLinkedIn: David WilkinsonKey Topics Covered:The Importance of Diverse Skillsets in Teams:David emphasizes the value of having team members with different skillsets but aligned core values.Real-life examples of how diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and better decision-making.Hiring for Core Values and Attitude:Strategies for identifying candidates whose values align with your organization.The benefits of a creative hiring process, including video applications to assess candidates beyond their resumes.Developing Effective Leadership Skills:Why emotional intelligence is crucial for leaders.The distinction between managing and leading, and how true leadership is recognized by your team.Practical tips for self-awareness and managing personal emotions to positively influence your team.Building a Resilient Team Culture:The role of regular team meetings and performance reviews in maintaining accountability and motivation.The importance of creating an environment where employees feel valued and are encouraged to contribute ideas.Implementing a Robust Hiring Process:How to develop a thorough hiring process that includes multiple interview stages to ensure the right fit.The significance of aligning new hires with the company’s vision and future growth plans.Leadership Accelerator Program:Introduction to the Leadership Accelerator course designed by David and his team.An overview of the course structure, including modules on emotional intelligence, leadership excellence, hiring, communication, and building a resilient future.The importance of practical implementation and accountability in the program.Actionable Tips:Hire six months before you need to fill a role to ensure a thorough recruitment process.Focus on hiring for attitude and values rather than just skillsets.Conduct regular team meetings and performance reviews to foster accountability and continuous improvement.Develop your emotional intelligence to lead more effectively and create a positive team culture.Connect with David:LinkedIn: David WilkinsonLearn More about the Leadership Accelerator Program:Visit Leadership Accelerator Program to find more details and schedule a call with David or Tom for a personalized discussion about the course and how it can benefit your organization.Outro:Thank you for tuning into this episode! If you found these insights valuable, be sure to subscribe, leave a review, and share this podcast with others who could benefit from enhancing their leadership skills. Stay tuned for more episodes packed with actionable advice to help you and your team succeed!
  • 113. Taz Reveals the AI Revolution

    In this eye-opening episode of the UK Flooring Podcast, we sit down with Taz from Roomvo, the cutting-edge room visualization platform that's transforming the home decor industry. Discover Taz's fascinating journey from the telecom sector in Canada to leading product innovation at Roomvo in New York. Learn how AI and generative technology are reshaping the way we envision and decorate our living spaces. Whether you're a homeowner, a retailer, or a tech enthusiast, this episode offers a unique glimpse into the future of home design and the pivotal role AI plays in it.About Our Guest:Taz from RoomvoRoomvo revolutioniSes the home decor shopping experience by bringing hundreds of thousands of products to life through their state-of-the-art room visualization platform. With a focus on unrivalled realism, Roomvo helps shoppers engage with decor products in their own spaces. From manufacturers to retailers, Roomvo provides perfect digital and in-store visualization solutions to inspire shoppers worldwide.Website:www.roomvo.comKey Points Discussed:Taz's Diverse Background:Transition from telecom engineering in Canada to corporate strategy.His role in expanding a Canadian bank into the U.S. post-financial crisis.Movement into tech, specifically hotel technology, and its parallels with the flooring industry.Role at Roomvo:Leading the product team to solve market problems and seize opportunities.The shift to a fully remote work setup post-pandemic and Taz’s personal approach to remote work.Industry Challenges and Opportunities:Increasing traffic, leads, and sales for flooring and home decor stores.Enhancing user engagement throughout the entire shopping journey.Expanding product categories to include more home decor elements.AI and Roomvo’s Technological Advancements:How AI and generative AI are integrated into Roomvo’s visualization tools.The launch and success of Roomvo Inspire, a tool that uses AI to redesign spaces with various styles.Future possibilities of AI in creating personalized home design experiences.Privacy and AI:The balance between providing personalized AI experiences and maintaining user privacy.The role of government regulations in protecting user data.Innovative Marketing and Business Models:The power of referral systems and cross-business integrations in driving new clients.Taz’s view on digital ads, local relationships, and event participation for client acquisition.