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The Social Brain, with the author, Tracey Camilleri

Season 2, Ep. 215

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  • 440. Supercharging the customer experience, with the authors, Alan Williams and Dave Stubberfield

    Co-authors Alan Williams and Dave Stubberfield speak about their book Supercharging the Customer Experience, subtitled  How organizational alignment drives performance.Alan Williams leads the consultancy ServiceBrand Global, specialising in helping service-based businesses thrive and flourish in a values economy. Dave Stubberfield leads the Carter Consultancy, which focuses on customer experience, change management, and continuous improvement.
  • 439. How to Use Customer Data, with the author, Dr Sachiko Scheuing

    Today I am delighted to welcome Dr Sachiko Scheuing, author of How to Use Customer Data – Navigating GDPR, DPDI and a Future with Marketing AI Dr Scheuing is probably uniquely placed to write this kind of book, as she is European Privacy Officer of Acxiom, a global leader in marketing services. Sachiko is currently serving her fourth term as Co-Chair of the Federation of European Data and Marketing (FEDMA), and is global co-chair of Axciom’s gender equity programme, WomenLEAD – and in 2024 Sachiko was recognised by Women in Data as one of the tweny most-influential women in data and tech.
  • 438. Natural Born Winners, with the author, Robin Sieger

    Robin Sieger, author of Natural Born Winners – create purpose, prosperity and true success in your life – one of the best-selling business and personal development books – now in 25th anniversary edition. On the back it has "Success is not a matter of luck but of design" But the big question is, is it a self-help book that joins a zillion others that never actually make a difference?
  • 437. Dynamic Alignment, with the author, Holly Worton

    Holly Worton, co-author with Brad Borkan of Dynamic Alignment – The Power Of Finding Your Purpose, Achieving Your Goals, And Living A Passion-Driven Life. Holly is author of 30 non-fiction books about business mindset and nature. Brad is author of award-winning books on decision making, leadership and teamwork.
  • 436. Sustainable Marketing, with the authors Paul Randle and Alexis Eyre

    In a competitive marketplace, how on earth does a marketer balance the sustainability issues with sheer desire to outshine by throwing more carbon at the wall? Paul is a co-founder of the Sustainable Marketing Compass and CEO of the fabulously named Pickle Consulting, which focuses on sustainability; Alexis is also a co-founder of the Sustainable Marketing Compass, and co-founder of Sustainists – plus Alexis runs GreenEyre, a sustainable marketing consultancy on a mission to drive positive impact.
  • 435. Value Driven Data, with the author, Edosa Odaro

    Edosa Odaro, speaks about his book Value-Driven Data – Identifying, communicating and delivering effective business solutions with data. Edosa is an investor and independent adviser on data and AI, and has a background as chief data officer in corporations including AIG, Barclays and the European Commission among others. 
  • 434. The Neurodiversity Edge, with the author, Dr Maureen Dunne

    Dr Maureen Dunne guides us through her book The Neurodiversity Edge – The Essential Guide to Embracing Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other Neurological Differences, for Any Organization. Dr Dunne is a cognitive scientist who completed her PhD at the university of Oxford – and her book made the USA Today national bestseller list!Available from Wiley and Amazon,
  • 433. Franz Kafka and the Truths of Leadership, with the author, Dr Leah Tomkins

    Hello and welcome today to Dr Leah Tomkins, author of Franz Kafka and the Truths of Leadership, published by the curiously named Edward Elgar Publishing. Leah is an independent scholar and Visiting Professor at the University of the West of England, and former Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford. Leah has also worked in large corporations including Accenture and KPMG, and latterly working with the UK Cabinet Office.
  • 432. Sustainable Advertising, with the co-author, Sebastian Munden

    Sebastian Munden, co-author with Matt Bourn of Sustainable Advertising, explains how the real key to action behind good words is to focus on change behaviour. Sebastian is a strategy and communications adviser, having formerly worked at Unilever for 32 years, his last role as UK and Ireland CEO and previously in a variety of senior marketing roles, chair of Ad Net Zero, and chair of WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, a global action NGO tackling the causes of climate change and promoting circular living.