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  • 433. Franz Kafka and the Truths of Leadership, with the author, Dr Leah Tomkins

    Hello and welcome today to Dr Leah Tomkins, author of Franz Kafka and the Truths of Leadership, published by the curiously named Edward Elgar Publishing. Leah is an independent scholar and Visiting Professor at the University of the West of England, and former Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford. Leah has also worked in large corporations including Accenture and KPMG, and latterly working with the UK Cabinet Office.

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  • 432. Sustainable Advertising, with the co-author, Sebastian Munden

    Sebastian Munden, co-author with Matt Bourn of Sustainable Advertising, explains how the real key to action behind good words is to focus on change behaviour. Sebastian is a strategy and communications adviser, having formerly worked at Unilever for 32 years, his last role as UK and Ireland CEO and previously in a variety of senior marketing roles, chair of Ad Net Zero, and chair of WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, a global action NGO tackling the causes of climate change and promoting circular living.
  • 431. B2B Digital Marketing Strategy, with the author, Simon Hall

    Author Simon Hall shares his motivations for writing B2B Digital Marketing Strategy, the key insights and messages, and looks at the future prospects for marketers - practically an MBA in marketing in a book!
  • 330. Right Kind of Wrong, with the author, Professor Amy Edmondson

    Amy Edmonson, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School, guides us through her book Right Kind of Wrong and the valuable lessons we can learn from making intelligent mistakes - it's all about human fallibility and turning failure into a pathway for success
  • 329. The Superpower of Small Teams, with the co-author, Brad Borkan

    Author Brad Borkan reveals the The Superpower of Small Teams, co-authored with David Hirzel, featuring the Apollo 13 mission, Gilbert & Sullivan, Bernstein & Woodward and many more
  • 328. The Art of Statistics, with the author, Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter

    Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter looks at life through the statistical lens, at how we can present data more cogently, and at how numbers literally do not speak for themselves. Crunch the numbers for ten minutes with the UK's leading statistician.
  • 327. High-Impact Content Marketing, with the author, Purna Virji

    Purna Virji, author of High-Impact Content Marketing - Strategies to make your content intentional, engaging and effective gives a high-engergy whistle-for-stop tour of content marketing and how to maximise its effect