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The Packfiller Cycling Podcast

Segments, Sickness, and Sandbagging

Ep. 416

On tonight's show, the whole den of Ken's discuss everything a cyclist should be worried about in the off season, with a special focus on the stupidity in helmet design.

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  • 425. A Roubaix Kerfuffle

    After two weeks off, Holy Week is the least of our topics. Buckle up, buttercup.
  • 424. Holy Week and Saddle Stuff

    The best week has arrived. Place your bets, or just trust us. Flanders and Roubaix, along with segments galore, which all seem to cover the butt, in some way or another.
  • 423. Tornado Dave

    Should we hug it out, or race like gladiators? Can't we have both?
  • 422. "As We Age..."

    A tough pill to swallow... might need some PHYSICAL therapy. Is there an American wave on the horizon? Is the first half of MSR really boring? Did David quit bike racing? All this and so much more on tonight's Packfiller Podcast.
  • 421. Addressing Aero

    Yes. We talked about the helmet. BUT, we also talk about all of the other issues with aerodynamics that can obsess, break the bank, and potentially grow or destroy the sport of cycling. Plus, you get to know who has unfortunate nicknames. Who needs bifocal cycling glasses?
  • 420. More Yellow and Black Than A Stryper Concert

    V LAB and the new dominance, along with the beauty of the New Classic of Strade Bianche. Paul recalls wool kits, and Jackson finds ways to dress without breaking the bank.
  • 419. Cycling's Gains and Lows Post COVID...

    Are we better off? The industry is suffering, but events are returning. Who is to blame, and who is to credit? The OG's of The Packfiller attempt to tackle the issue of where cycling went wrong, and where it is headed. Oh, and how to build the perfect bike.
  • 418. Changing Cycling

    Should cycling change? Are there romantic ways to be a cyclist? Is my 'roid gonna ruin my season? All this and more on this week's Packfiller.
  • 417. Claiming Camelots

    Those perfect days, perfect friends, perfect times. Or, perhaps they're yet to come. We spend some time getting a bit philosophical (because Pat's back to being Ticker Boy), and save some time to judge the heck out of eyewear.