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Pink Points, Pervy Pils, and Damned Drivers

Ep. 383

Still a man down. The Giro is closed, and the discussion of cars versus bikes poises the question of "Does it have to be cars VERSUS bikes?"

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  • 408. Crap, is Paul what holds the show together?!?!

    We're all over the place, but at least you know how a bike feels when it's bars are turned upside down. You're welcome.
  • 407. Consolidate This

    First places to read about bike racing, then places to watch bike racing... what's next?!?
  • 406. Aero or Comfortable

    The time old battle of speed versus comfort, with some old school versus "actually a guy who knows what he's talking about" on tonight's episode of The Packfiller. Please note, at no time was the word "versus" used...
  • 405. Two Old Men Walk into a Bar...

    That's right. Gain some perspective before you go all attacking off the front. A special Halloween episode featuring the "seasoned" members of The Packfiller.
  • 404. Sam, Cool it...

    Tonight the Packfiller talks sustainability, environmentalism, and the best last minute cycling Halloween costumes for bike racing fans. No, really. We promise it is funny AF.
  • 403. State of the LBS, and Being Included

    Trying to figure out what's wrong and what's right with the sport of cycling cannot be handled in one podcast. But, we're going to try.
  • 402. Nobody's Got Core

    The season's over, unless you're a crosser... How to maintain, transition, or just hold on until the season comes back. Also, wrist pain along with a dose of bicarbonate.
  • 401. So Long Peter, Beer Miles, and Gravel?

    A toast to the rock star of cycling. Well, the most recent. Also, a review of the most recent childish shenanigans of the show idiots, and a discussion of why the UCI still decides that Europe is the place to host a GRAVEL worlds.
  • 400. The Packfiller at 400

    Back in 1999, a stay at home dad had an idea...