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  • 419. Cycling's Gains and Lows Post COVID...

    Are we better off? The industry is suffering, but events are returning. Who is to blame, and who is to credit? The OG's of The Packfiller attempt to tackle the issue of where cycling went wrong, and where it is headed. Oh, and how to build the perfect bike.
  • 418. Changing Cycling

    Should cycling change? Are there romantic ways to be a cyclist? Is my 'roid gonna ruin my season? All this and more on this week's Packfiller.
  • 417. Claiming Camelots

    Those perfect days, perfect friends, perfect times. Or, perhaps they're yet to come. We spend some time getting a bit philosophical (because Pat's back to being Ticker Boy), and save some time to judge the heck out of eyewear.
  • 416. Segments, Sickness, and Sandbagging

    On tonight's show, the whole den of Ken's discuss everything a cyclist should be worried about in the off season, with a special focus on the stupidity in helmet design.
  • 415. A Waples Free Weeknight

    Don't panic. They will be back. Wait, perhaps you grow tired of the brotherly bickering... Anyway, the remaining Packfiller get down to fixing bike racing, as well as introducing some new segments for 2024.
  • 414. Admitting Your Demons

    To get better, one must approach the Dark Side... admitting what you do that is, well, a bit messed up.