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  • 12. From Sandbox to Skyscrapers: Building a Successful Career in Construction from Youthful Ambitions with Dana AlAfaliq | Relationships & Sustainability Director | AlKifah Holding

    The episode of the HeronCode Women in Leadership podcast features an interview with Dana AlAfaliq, a successful leader in the contracting and construction industry. Dana discusses her upbringing in Saudi Arabia, where she was raised by a loving and well-educated family who emphasized the importance of education and making an impact. She shares her experience of working in different departments and projects at a young age, and how this led her to decide to join the family business. Dana also talks about the influence her father and uncles had on her, inspiring her to strive for success and create a positive impact.On this episode Dana discusses:How family upbringing shapes future leadersInspiring others is keyImportance of ESG in businessesEmpowerment and diversification in entrepreneurshipLegacy: positive impact, sustainable businessFor more information, visit
  • 11. A Legacy of Giving: A Life and Career Dedicated to Societal Good with Kanari Kurayim | Group Chief Human Capital Officer I Corporate Services at Petromin Corporation

    In this episode of the HeronCode Women in Leadership podcast, we meet Kanari Kurayim, a passionate leader dedicated to developing talent and helping others reach their full potential. Kanari shares her perspective on evaluating candidate profiles based on their work experience, emphasizing emotional resilience and the ability to navigate challenges. She also discusses her support for work-life balance programs and the importance of aligning one's choices with their life purpose. Tune in to gain insights from this inspiring leader on fulfilling your potential.On this episode Kanari discusses:Working at a young ageMultiple dreams and creative freedomEducation vs experience debateNurturing young talent and and empowermentImpactful feedback and rewardsFor more information, visit
  • 10. Beyond Giving: Pioneering Human Development for Lasting Change with Muna Merghani | Humanitarian Enthousiast | Chief Human Resources Officer & Sustainability Officer at Haggar Group

    In this episode of the HeronCode Women in Leadership podcast, we’re joined by Muna Merghani, Chief HR and Sustainability Officer, who shares her journey and insights from over 20 years of experience in humanitarian aid, development management, and corporate sustainability. Muna discusses the importance of leadership and the challenges she faced transitioning to the C-suite. She emphasizes the need for leaders to be adaptable, make fair decisions, and prioritize the human factor over policies and regulations.On this episode Muna discusses:Mentors during early careerMaking a lasting impactLeading through difficult timesNavigating gender dynamics in the industryGen Z’s perception of social developmentFor more information, visit
  • 9. Navigating the Shift: Thriving from Government to Entrepreneurship with Jumana Al Darwish | Serial Entrepreneur & Web3 Investor

    In this episode of the HeronCode Women in Leadership podcast, we sit down with award-winning serial impact entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jumana Al Darwish. They discuss Jumana's journey as an introverted young girl with big dreams of changing the world, her experience as an entrepreneur, and the challenges she faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jumana's inspiring story serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of women leaders. Tune in to hear her insights and wisdom on leadership and making a positive impact.On this episode Jumana discusses:Growing up in different countriesArab family breaking normsEducation and lifelong learningFamilies being forged through artLack of support for female entrepreneursFor more information, visit
  • 8. Hospitality with Heart: The Emotional Odyssey of a Visionary Leader with Dagmar Symes | CEO at Hill Robinson Estates LLC Saudia

    In this episode of the Women in Leadership podcast, we meet Dagmar Symes as she shares her inspiring journey, discussing the impact of a French teacher on her career path and how a trip to Switzerland shaped her entire career. Dagmar emphasizes the significance of being in the right place at the right time and having someone who sees your potential. Lastly, she touches upon the importance of giving back to the community as a leader. Tune in to this episode for valuable insights and takeaways for your own daily life.On this episode Dagmar discusses:Having your career path influenced by a teacherGerman upbringing and work ethicEducation vs experienceExploring different areas of hospitalitySpeaking out and integrityWomen embracing opportunities proactivelyFor more information, visit
  • 7. Cultural Roots to Corporate Summit: The Inspirational Story of an Indian CEO with Preeti Mundhra | Chief Executive Officer | Tree Digital Insurance

    In this episode of the HeronCode Women in Leadership podcast, we’re joined by Preeti Mundhra, a courageous leader and inspiration for women in the financial services industry. Preeti shares her experiences in building her own team and the importance of hiring the right candidates. She emphasizes the value of accountability and teamwork in achieving ambitious goals.On this episode Preeti discusses:Building high performance teamsTaking unconventional life pathsIndependence and financial responsibilityCelebrations in high performance cultureLiving outside your comfort zoneBalance is a myth For more information, visit