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  • 11. Beyond Strategy: Why Company Culture Holds the Secret to Long-Term Success | Hayfa Abuzabibah | Chief Omnipreneurship Officer, People & Culture

    Today in the Heroncode studio we are joined by Chief Omnipreneurship Officer, People & Culture, Hayfa Abuzabibah.Hayfa, a graduate from California State University in Los Angeles (CSULA), has garnered over 24 years of experience in Human Capital which spans various industries, including finance, real estate, retail, and automotive sectors in the private and family-owned business space. She specializes in transformational and agile HR, and always keeps the individual colleague experience top of mind when it comes to implementing any human capital strategies in any workplace setting.On this episode Hayfa discusses;The values of gender equality and education.Embracing diversity and empathy.Culture driving a company's success.Continuous learning is a must.Challenges of being a Woman in Leadership.Work-life blend, not balance.For more information, visit
  • 10. Empowering Mompreneurs: The Art of Combining Business and Parenthood | Reem Al Khatib | GuestReady managing director GCC

    Today in the Heroncode studio, we are joined by GuestReady's managing director for the GCC, Reem Al Khatib. Reem shares her journey in the business world and how she found a nice blend between her passion and skillset. She talks about the challenges she faced in prioritizing different aspects of her life and the mindset she had to adopt to succeed. In this episode, Reem discusses; Cross-cultural exposure fuels success.Take risks and bet on yourself.Importance of a support system.Embrace stillness and be present.Hire women in leadership positions.Embrace change and believe in yourself.For more information, you can visit
  • 9. The Success Code: Unlocking the Keys to a Fulfilling Life with Esraa M. Al Sharief | Top 50 most Iconic and Influential HR leaders in the Middle East

    Today in the Heroncode studio we are joined for a second time by Top 50 most Iconic and Influential HR leaders in the Middle East, Esraa M. Al Sharief,She shares her insights on leadership, including the importance of modesty, being present, and believing in a greater force. Esra also discusses her journey towards consistency, starting with making her bed every day. She has been recognized as one of the top 50 most iconic and influential HR leaders in the Middle East and one of the top 10 HR female leaders in Saudi Arabia by the Economic Times and Business Chief Magazine, respectively.For more information visit
  • 8. Unveiling the Unseen: Exploring the Unknown | Mona Y. Althagafi | Country Director, SERCO KSA

    Today in the Heroncode studio we are joined by accomplished multi-national leader Mona Y. Althagafi who currently holds the position of Country Director at SERCO KSA.On this episode Mona shares her 20+ years of local knowledge and experience in the Kingdom where she takes responsibility for the operational delivery of Serco's core offering of data, asset and workforce management which helps drive new business growth in Saudi Arabia.Mona is also responsible for monitoring high-level strategic initiatives to ensure the alignment with Vision 2030 plans and plays an integral role in supporting the delivery of essential services business in the Kingdom.For more information visit
  • 7. Finding Light in the Tunnel: A story of Hope, Courage, and Legacy with Sandrine El Khodry | Vice President of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (ALE) Middle East & Africa region

    Today in the Heroncode studio we are joined by Vice President of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (ALE) Middle East & Africa region, Sandrine El Khodry.Sandrine is a French national with over 28 years industry experience. She has held several senior executive roles within the fields of Mobility Solutions, Cloud, IT, Infrastructure, Security, Telecommunications Solutions to Customer Service/Experience.Sandrine, a regular speaker at business networking events, holds a master’s degree in Enterprise Strategy from Geneva-Switzerland, and is now preparing a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) around the key role of culture when it comes to the success of any business.For more information, visit
  • 6. The Power of Her: Women's Impact and Success Stories in Saudi Arabia | Hawazen Nazieh Nassief | Sustainability Advisor

    Today in the Heroncode studio we welcome Sustainability advisor, Hawazen Nazieh Nassief.In addition to the multiple roles she covers for numerous companies in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Nassief published numerous articles in local and international newspapers on a variety of topics and was featured in several magazines including on the cover of Hia Magazine in 2006She is the recipient of the 2018 Global Impact Award and the 2018 Africa & Middle East Business Impact Award from Cummins Inc. for her work on a women’s shelter in Saudi Arabia.For more information, visit