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Inquiry Fact Sheet, Albert Hammond new album

Ep. 305

The new Inquiries Act is now law, after the Governor, Sir David Steel, gave it royal assent; it is set to be brought into effect this week. Sir Peter Openshaw's team will invite submissions from Core Participants as to whether they disagree with the Government's position that the new Act automatically applies to this Inquiry. A fact sheet has just been published on the Inquiry's website. Our reporter Ros Astengo has reviewed it, and told us what stood out to her from this fact sheet.

And, after an album hiatus of sixteen years, Albert Hammond is back with a bumper seventeen-track offering which is aptly titled ‘Body Of Work.’ The album has garnered many plaudits and excellent reviews all over the music industry. It’s a significant milestone album only three months away from his 80th birthday. We had the absolute pleasure to welcome the local legend to the Radio Gibraltar studios to talk about his new music.

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  • 322. £10M Settlement, New GGCA President, Alameda Tours

    More than £10 million will be going to the family of a young man who - as a teenager - suffered a severe fall at the Dr Giraldi Home in 2013. For years, the matter was heading towards a Supreme Court trial, but at the eleventh hour the Government has decided it will pay up on behalf of the Care Agency.  Ian Triay Clarence brought us the details.The Divisional Sites and Service Manager for the GHA, Darren Cerisola, is poised to become the GGCA's next president. Mr Cerisola ran unopposed for the clerical Union's presidency that is being vacated by Wendy Cumming, who will become Gibraltar’s Ombudswoman in May. Both incoming and outgoing GGCA presidents joined us in the studio.And, how often do you make the most of the beautiful Alameda Gardens? Spring has sprung and with more flowers in bloom at this time of year you may want to book a tour. We spoke about these tours in more depth with the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens Education Coordinator Eli Uyoa-Chaura and Education Assistant Emily Rumble.
  • 321. Collision at Sea, Earth Day, London Marathon, Rugby 7s

    The two former RGP officers involved in the Collision at Sea incident in March 2020 in which two Spanish Nationals died, have had the verdict quashed on Appeal. The Judgement, handed down today, successfully overturned the 2021 Coroner's finding of "Unlawful Killing" which had been upheld in judicial review last year. The Appeal Court ruled that the Coroner's directions to the jury were "deeply flawed" and said a fresh Inquest should consider the evidence. Our reporter Ian Triay Clarence told us more. It's Earth Day, and the theme this year is 'Planet vs. Plastics'. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. It encourages us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future. One charity in Gibraltar which strives to do just that is the Nautilus Project, with a focus on marine conservation. We spoke to two of the charity's Youth Monitors, Erin Villa-Quick and Mikey Rugeroni.And, we spoke at length about all things sports! Robin Sheppard-Capurro brought us the latest in local sports, and we also checked in with Jamie Pratts who took on the London Marathon over the weekend. The Gibraltar Rugby Football Union is on the lookout for volunteers to help out with a massive tournament coming to the Rock this summer; 'Gibraltar 7s' will see 50+ teams compete with over 850 participants. We spoke to Rugby Development Officer, Tom Read, in the studio.
  • 320. McGrail Inquiry, Caple City FC, Wellness

    Jonathan Scott brings you the latest from the McGrail Inquiry, which is looking at the events that led to the early retirement of the Police Commissioner Ian McGrail in June 2020. We hear evidence from the Director of Public Prosecutions Christian Rocca KC and Head of Litigation at Hassans Lewis Baglietto KC.Iain Triay Clarence speaks to the President of Calpe City FC, Seamus Byrne, after the club announces it will have to close its doors, as most other GFA members had voted against their inclusion, and their partnership with Europa Point had broken down.Robin Sheppard-Capurro brings us the rest of the local sports news, including another Rock Cup Final win for Lincoln Red Imps.And, Geraldine Canepa, Louise Goncalves and Lori Hillman tell us about a wellness event.
  • 319. McGrail Inquiry, Netflix Documentary, Childline Dog Show

    Senior Partner James Levy has given his evidence, and now his lawyer is doing so. Lewis Baglietto has said he got involved to deal with what he thought was a gross abuse of power. Asked why he has not been able to provide his messages with the Chief Minister from 2020, he said these are not available on his phone as he routinely clears his chats..A Gibraltarian archaeologist will be featured in a BBC documentary on Netflix after an exciting find in Iraq; Michael Hitchcock helped to recover a nearly complete skeleton of a Neanderthal woman in Shanidar Cave and his research will be showcased in the programme next month.
  • 318. Ian McGrail Inquiry, Banking in Gibraltar - Trusted Novus Bank

    The former Police Commissioner was asked about the police investigation into its alleged hacking - Operation Delhi.Ros Astengo brings us the latest from The Garrison Library.-And, what are the main challenges for a bank in Gibraltar? What are the main opportunities it can work on with its local customers? We speak to Christian Garcia who took over as the Chief Executive of Trusted Novus Bank a few weeks ago. 
  • 317. McGrail Inquiry, University Conference, Piano Recital

    Ian McGrail has told the Inquiry about the moment he decided he wouldn’t be able to continue as Commissioner of Police. He claims there was “relentless” pressure from the Chief Minister, the Attorney General and the Governor. Mr McGrail said he felt he was being hounded by a “pack of wolves”, causing his world to crumble.Our reporter RA will talk us through some highlights.-We'll be discussing a Research that Benefits Gibraltar and a conference that is scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday at the University of Gibraltar.Dr Leon G Leanse, Dr Louise Lawson and Pedro Romero will be here.-And a 16-year-old prodigy pianist Alexandra Dovgan will be performing at the Convent Ballroom this evening. The recital has been organised by the Philharmonic Society and Chairman Ernest Gomez will be here.
  • 316. McGrail Inquiry, Sports News, GIB2GIB Cycle Tim Norton

    Ian McGrail is speaking publicly for the first time since his early retirement as Police Commissioner.He's been answering questions at the Inquiry on his response to a fatal collision at sea in March 2020.We bring you some highlights.Meanwhile, at the start of today's session, Chairman Sir Peter Openshaw announced a change to the rules to allow people to rewatch the inquiry broadcast on catch-up.-Robin Sheppard Capurro joins us to fill us in on the weekends sporting events .-Tim Norton is cycling from Gibraltar to Gibraltar Farm in North Lancashire to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK.
  • 315. Quadrilateral Treaty Meeting, McGrail Day 5, Gabriel Moreno

    A quadrilateral treaty meeting is starting at the European Commission. It's the first time both UK and Spanish Foreign Ministers, the Chief Minister and the Commission's Vice President get together on this subject. Our News Editor Christine Vasquez spoke to us direct from Brussels. On day 5 of the McGrail Inquiry, former police Superintendent Paul Richardson has been presented with a covert recording of a conversation he had at the time with the then Police Commissioner Ian McGrail. He accepts that it's evidence the Attorney General’s Michael Llamas did not bully them or interfere with the police investigation. We discussed the latest from the Garrison Library. And, as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the John Mackintosh Hall a creative writing workshop will be held tomorrow by Cultural Award winner Gabriel Moreno. Gabriel will be taking literary enthusiasts on a journey to explore biographical, fictional and philosophical pieces inspired by experiences at this iconic cultural venue. He spoke to us about the workshop as well as a solo show this weekend with new songs and llanito sonnets at the Kasbah. 
  • 314. McGrail Day 4, Autism Awareness Event, New film ‘Maria’

    The McGrail Inquiry has had to navigate around the restriction notice imposed on it by the Government. The Inquiry is examining its first witness – former police superintendent Paul Richardson. It follows the lawyer for the Government saying it did not interfere with the investigation into the hacking of the national security system - aka "Operation Delhi". Ros Astengo brought us the latest.An 'Awesome Autism Awareness' fun day is happening this Saturday in Casemates. It promises to be a jam-packed day of activities and live music, with money being raised for Little Smiles; a charity which supports St. Martin's school. Organiser Lesley Chadwick told us more about the event.And, a new film by Nina Danino will be screened in Gibraltar by Gibraltar Cultural Services. ‘Maria’ focuses on the life and last days of Maria Callas, the American-Greek Soprano singer. The film image is transfigured in an audio-visual ‘Iconostasis’ (a wall of icons) of different archive formats and newly-shot footage. Nina Danino spoke to us about the film ahead of its screening at Inces Hall later this month.